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albergues from Unquera to Sebrayo


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Hi everybody!
I'm planning my camino (it would be in August!) and I wonder if some of you is aware of albergues in these villages:
- Unquera Bustio
- San Roque el Acebal
- Pineres de Pria
- La Isla
- Sebrayo
I couldn't find much information on the internet... I hope you can help me!
Any kind of information/suggestion is highly appreciated.
In particular it would be great if someone can confirm the existence of albergues in San Roque and Pineres de Pria.
Thanks a lot.

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I just finished the Camino del Norte so I'll try to answer.
I couldn't find any albuerge in Unquera so I stayed at a hotel that night. I don't remember if there was an albuerge in San Roque but I don't think so. I stayed in Llanes that night which is just another 4 km away. There's a private albuerge there called La Estacion (next to the train station). It cost 10 euros.
I didn't stay in Pineres but as far as I remember there was an albuerge there. I continued to Ribadasella that day, about 9 km further. There's a youth hostel there that charged 14 euros incl breakfast.
There's an albuerge in La Isla. I didn't stay there but there was signs from the main route.
I stayed in the albuerge in Sebrayo. The Albuerge is simple but OK but there's no shop/bar in the village. There was a mobile shop (van) that stoped by in the evening and sold bread/wine and other basic food stuff.
Buen Camino
Hi, Ilaria,
I'm not sure about Unquera, but I know there is an albergue juvenil in Colombres (about 2km more) where some of our friends stayed. We walked on another km or two from Colombres to El Peral and stayed in a very clean pension for about 16E for a two-bed room. And there was a great restaurant across the street.

I don't think there's an albergue in San Roque (it's a very pretty little town, though), and I would suggest walking on to Llanes where there is an albergue as Freddie says. Llanes is a very nice town, definitely a nice place for a stop.

The http://www.mundicamino site says that there is an albergue in Pineres de Pria, but I don't have any memory of that town or of an albergue there. I do know there's one in La Isla (we didn't stay there, but rather walked on to the very nice town of Colunga where there is a variety of private accommodation).

We had a rest stop at the albergue in Sebrayo. It was very basic and we decided to continue on to Villaviciosa, which is a fairly large town with a range of options for accommodations.

If you haven't seen it, check out the mundicamino website. It lists all albergues and hotels along the way and is pretty complete in my experience. It also gives you an idea of elevation gain and distances between towns, which is helpful as well.

Buen camino. Laurie
hey there, i´m actually in unquera right now at a cyber cafe. i stayed at a wonderful hostel/pension right on the river deva...i think it´s actually called casa deva or something like that. my room was very nice and clean and it cost 14E a night (not sure what it would be for two people). breakfast was 2E, and the staff was fabulous - sending me to a great restaurant for an inexpensive and wonderful dinner complete with cafe gratis because i´m a pilgrim. if you go, tell Chus (the woman at the desk in the evenings) i sent you!

As far as other albergues in the area, I know Unquera doesn´t have one. Cobreces does, however. And then the next lodging (as far as I´ve been able to find out) isn´t until Llanes, which is 19km further (not 4 like someone said above).

Another note - don´t use the info on it´s all wrong. ug. i made that mistake. do yourself a favor and order (or buy in a libreria if you´re in europe) the guide from it´s definitely the best one and it comes in several languages i´m pretty sure. and if nothing else, you´d at least have the maps that are in it, which are by far the best.

According to all the info I´ve found over here there albergues in the following along this area:
Llanes (someone else has said, however, that you have to get a pension here, so not sure. i can let you know)
Piñeres de Pria
San Esteban
La Isla
Soto de Luiña

If you like, send me an email ( and I can keep you updated on what I find. I also have a blog ( You can find the information quite easily, though, once you´re here.

Good luck!!
one more thing. there are two albergues that you absolutely MUST stop at!! they´re like heaven after long days´travels!!

one is about 2 km before Santillana del Mar ´(Isis)

the other is in San Vicente de Barquera and it´s run by the most WONDERFUL people, Sofia and her husband Luis.

please, if you can help it, stay in these!! :) you won´t regret it!
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Thanks a lot to all of you for these very useful answers, links and tips!
That's great!
Thank you very much.

I have just returned to Australia after walking the Camino del Norte. In relation to Unquera, not sure, but stayed in the abbey at Cobreces and attended vespers in the evening...lovely.
There is an albergue at Pineres but you must pick up the key a kilometre before as you walk past the hostelaria's is obvious with a big key symbol out the front. If you follow the road which I wouldn't recommend as the traffic is TERRIBLE you will miss the key house.
There is a youth hostel at Llanes but if it is the weekend you probably wont get a bed as people reserve their places. The same applies for Rhibadesella and I had to walk a further 7 km to stay in an albergue in the hills with great views of the ocean in the distance.
Also, instead of staying in San Vincente, I walked another 6 or 7 km to Serdio. It's a very tiny village with a new albergue. White tiled bathrooms and was given a white towel. I was also the only one there. It had cooking facilities and I bought eggs and bread at the bar.
The albergue at Guemes is a must and the hostelarios cook dinner and provide breakfast.
Miraz is another must albergue and is run by the Confraternity of St James. It is by donation and they also cook dinner and breakfast.
I hear the albergue at La Isla is good although I didn't stay there.
There is anew albergue at Ganton...fantastic, smart building.
Just take a good guide as the way can be confusing at times until you get to Galicia where the way is very well marked.

Enjoy the walk.

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