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I am planning to do the Camino del Norte in September from Satander to Santiago. I understand that there are many fewer albergues on this route than others but I wonder if there is a list anywhere of the albergues that do exist. I would like to stay in an albergue where practical to save money and to meet others on the same route but there doesn't seem much information out there. there was a posting fromlast summer but it had few albergues after Satander which may reflect the reality.

And can one obtain a good map of northern spain in Satander showing northern spain and the towns along the Camino del Norte?

Thanks for any information you can helpme with. It is months before i go but I am really looking forward to this.

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a reasonable map showing the towns '(small scale) is the michelin one that you can get anywhere in Europe. All the largescale maps of spain are a free download from but they aren't the worlds best maps.
For info on the albergues try the Confraternity of St James in UK. They run one at Miraz, too!
BTW, it is quite a difficult route, with a lot of road in the early part, and all of it pretty hilly.
Have a good Camino
Hi, John,
I walked the Norte last summer and am one of the people who posted here about my stops along the way. Though my stops list many non-albergue stops, in most cases there was an albergue alternative in a nearby town, but we just decided to stay in private accommodations, either because it fit better with our walking schedule, or we wanted to stay in a bigger town or a prettier town or something like that. We met people who almost never stayed in anything but an albergue, it can be done with careful planning. I think the links Sil gave you will give you most of the details, but there are always new ones opening that the websites might miss. For instance, I just checked and saw that Mundicaminio does not have a listing for the new albergue in Comillas. It is terrific and not to be missed. Nor can I find another new albergue in a town a good day's walk before Vilalba (name escapes me) that was opening a couple of weeks after I passed through in May 2007. We always found that the people in the albergues themselves (both the hospitaleros and the other pilgrims) had plenty of up to date information, so I think that you will be able to adjust your plans to take advantage of albergue accommodation in most places.
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Hi Laurie

Thanks for the suggestion of talking to the people who are running the albergues as it makes sense that they would know their own area. It is enjoyable getting information and a sense of what i will encounter but in the end I am sure that I, like everyone else, will figure things out when I get there which is part of the attraction.



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