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Thought this might be a good place to put forward deals offered by the various airlines regarding flights to France/Spain. Many forum members have suggested special deals but maybe they could be added to this topic. Specials are often ephemeral but some are not. My contribution is from Singapore Airlines who currently have a good offer from Oz to Europe in high season for AUS$1845 return BUT they have the attraction of refunding the difference should their fares go even lower. This might extend to departures from other destinations. Offer closes 6/1/10
From OZ Korean airlines often the cheapest fares-around $1400 this includes a compulsory night at a hotel in Seoul. They also have one of the best pitch, 34", in economy.
Information such as reviews of airlines,best seats on the various planes,how to gte an upgrade etc can be found: and
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Johnnie Walker has just posted the following message to a Camino Facebook group. He has given me his permission to repeat his post here. SEND A MESSAGE OF THANKS TO JOHN BRIERLEY WHO IS SERIOUSLY...
I'm interested to hear from those who have practised intermittent fasting on the Camino. Did you find a system that worked for you? What was your "eating window" and what were your challenges? How...
I often see people asking about the daily average costs of the Camino and this was also something I was worried about before going, especially because in my day-to-day life I'm very conscious...
what do you do with your pack when you want to go inside a cathedral/church? if you're alone. do you just go inside with it on? leave it outdoors?
Hola! I am currently on the Norte route, very close to Bilbao. It has been wonderful and beautiful, but I overdid it, and my ankles are very sore. In retrospect, I should have taped my ankles...
Last day today, walking from Salcede into SDC. Just wanted to vent or get others thoughts on this, as rather than feeling elated at this sort of walking in, I actually feel quite low. I had to...

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