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all in one hair/body/face/clothing cleansing bar


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Hey all! It's been a while since I've been here (and five years since I walked the Camino, bah!) but I figure this would be the place to ask.

I'm starting up a small natural soap & cosmetics business here in Italy, and I was recently asked to formulate an "all in one" bar for someone going on a summer long bicycle tour. It occurred to me that I wished I had something like this with me on the Camino! Something that is solid, small, long lasting and great for hair, face, body, and also can be used for washing clothes. Will also be as natural as possible and biodegradable. I have my formulation almost down, and I'm about to start testing, and it's looking good so far. It's basically a shampoo bar that is good at washing everything else you can throw at it as well.

I'm wondering if this is something pilgrims would be interested in buying. And if so, what what would you be willing to pay? They are pricey to make, so I'm thinking the 10 euro range for a 50 g bar (they can last for months, in theory). And what sort of scent would you like? As in essential oils.... grapefruit, lemongrass, mint, rosemary, thyme, lavender, cedarwood, etc.

I'd appreciate any feedback! Thanks!
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I would potentially be interested in this. I will be using the Lush brand solid products on my camino (shampoo, conditioner and lotion). You can check out their site for what they charge price-wise for various products. Personally I wouldn't use the same thing for everything as I think your face needs something different from hair, etc. But, I'd potentially use it for everything but my face.

Personally I'd like mint but anything that isn't flowery would do.

One thing i'd LOVE from a product like this is to have it be self-contained rather than having to have a container and dealing with a wet, slimy, sticky, slab of soap. I'd love to see something like this being packaged in a solid deodorant type system where you can just roll up a bit and that's all that gets messy and you can just put the lid on when you're done vs. having a soap box that can easily come open or having it in a ziplock bag that gets all gross. The first company that does something like that will have a customer for life. :)


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True, it won't be ideal for face, but it will be fairly gentle and non drying so it won't be terrible for most skin types.

Packaging it in a tube type thing is an excellent idea! Unfortunately, I don't think the kind of packaging I would need to successfully carry that out exists, and unless I go 'big time' I can't get any packaging custom made. I think what most people do it they wrap a dry washcloth around the bar, and it's ready to go for the next time.


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I once suggested to a friend (who does similar stuff) that she collect completed deodorant bottles from friends and clean/sterilize them and use those. Then you're recycling too. :) It might be an option to start. Or hit the dollar store and get a bunch of cheap DO and use those.


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I actually make deodorant, too, so I have deodorant tubes a plenty :). The problem is that the container needs to have some holes in it so that the bar can dry out so that it doesn't get mushy. I've never seen ventilated tubes before.....

Oh I just got another idea! I can use a bug repelling essential oil blend... don't know how effective it could be, but couldn't hurt. Some even repel bed bugs!
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I've been using Dr. Bronner all-in-one cleansing bars for years. They are a very convenient alternative to multiple products. Last year I used a Dr. Bronner bar for a 7,000 mile motorcycle trip across the USA and this year I carried one on my Camino pilgrimage. Here's a link for reference:


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I just ordered a Dr Ligget's mini-traveler pouch of soaps.
I'm intrigued about the "bar-saver wafer" attachment. I am trying to find the most flexible, lightweight, solid bar option for the road. The pouch, which I have not yet seen, seems to have a wide weave to allow air-flow to dry the soap while it is zipped closed.

Here is a snippet from the ad on their site:

Each Mini Traveler comes packed with - 2 Original Formula Bars, 1 Tea Tree & Hemp Oil Bar (no fragrance), and 1 Jojoba & Peppermint Bar. Each bar weighs .65 ozs and is designed to last for a significant length of time. For a weekend or a week you will have a fine assortment of shampoos.

The “Bar Saver” wafer (pictured right> is designed to be attached with water to the bar you plan to use. It stays with the bar until the shampoo is used up, then simply attach the next Mini Traveler Bar in the same manner. IT’S EASY! The “Bar Saver” keeps the shampoo from sticking to surfaces and won’t pick up debris if you are camping or backpacking.


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I think the deodorant tube container is a great idea. You can order empty containers online.

Can your soap be used for shaving?

As far as scents go, maybe it's because I'm a guy, but I prefer soap without heavy scents, like Ivory.

Best of luck on your new enterprise!

Stephen Nicholls

Steve Nicholls, Suffolk, U.K.
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jeffnd said:
Can your soap be used for shaving? Best of luck on your new enterprise!

You don't NEED any soap or foam for shaving. Shaving foam is a great scam. If you keep your face really wet all the time, preferably with warm water, soap or foam isn't needed - certainly not on camino. If you feel you have to use soap, then absolutely any soap will do.

Buen Camino!



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Thank you Charleston Tom for that link. I used their Pepermint Liquid Soap YEARS ago as a teenager in the U.S. during long cycle trips. Haven't seen it here in The Netherlands but now that I know the company's name I can check around health food stores.

Which product do you use as all-in-one?

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