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Alternate paths sin asphalt!

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chemin du puy, camino frances, camino muxia, vezelay
It has been several years since I have walked the beautiful Way to Finesterre and I was pleased to see that two "alternate"routes have sprung up...I recommend both. The first to Zas is longer, but by a river and through wooded forest..if you are heading/racing to olveiroa probably 2 km mins to add to the trail. The second is a gravel road to vilacerio...rural and no cars . And very few pilgrims...same distance of 3 km as the regular pavement (ouch) route. Buen Camino !!
Camino(s) past & future
My first Camino begins on 16th July 2017
where can one find these alternate routes? (before hand I mean) I'm extending to both Finisterre & Muxia.....is the Camino allows me to!! ;)
Camino(s) past & future
chemin du puy, camino frances, camino muxia, vezelay
Hi Gary, both are super well signed on the trail itself. The first to Zas is just after Negreira-before the municipal. The second is three km before vilacerio!! Your feet and spirit will thank your choices....
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Camino Frances Aug 2016-Oct(2016); Leon-Sarria, Ourense to SdC May (2017)
Did not walk the first alternative route (the extra Kms discouraged me!) but DID walk the second one. As Binya says, it is a rural and solitary gravel road but be prepared for the HILLS! Haven't been on the regular pavement route (my least favorite kind of terrain...)so can't really compare. I met a Spanish farmer with a dog and that was about it for the 3 Kms. At first, I was a bit leary of walking "alternative routes" as I walk alone, but these two on the Camino Finesterre seem to be good possibilities if you want to avoid the traffic!!
I also walked both of those alternatives this year. I would only caution that there is one unmarked intersection on the first alternative, close to the merge with the "official camino" at Zas. I guessed correctly, and went up, but a Dutch woman I met guessed wrong and went down, and she wound up having to walk a few extra kms, all on the road, to get back on track.

I particularly liked the river alternative out of Negreira, it was far nicer than the asphalt trek I remembered from previous walks out to the coast.

And just one last thing that occurred to me when I was looking at the signs-- they were obviously new and recently installed. But these signs would be much easier to vandalize and rip down than your standard camino mojón, so I hope the teenagers and other vandals keep their hands off! Buen camino, Laurie
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