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Has anyone taken alternate routes to Armenteira? Google maps shows much shorter walking routes. Just curious if anyone had tried any of them.
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Google maps will cheerfully route a walker along an 8 lane highway
This is absolutely correct . It assumes you want to arrive ASAP, although 8 lane highways look pretty tin on the ground in that neck of the woods. You would do better to look at some hiking apps e.g. my favourite, Wikilocs or Avenza. Find one you like and download it. This might help:

Yes, did that exactly last year. Ended up on logging roads that used to be trails and then beating through bushes on an overgrown trail. It saved time by being shorter but then cost time by being more difficult to walk. I’d stick with the marked route
There is an old Spanish say: “no dejes caminos por veredas.” Which translates to: “do not leave paths for sidewalks.”

It is better to stick to already proven path that will carry you to your destiny.
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Thanks for your replies. We went the standard route and arrived without problem. Had asked because of my daughter's knee causing a lot of pain. But hey - No pain, No gain! Right?!
Walked it in 2019, yes logging routes in places but we followed the marked routes and the book and loved it.

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