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Alternative (historical) route Arzua - Pedrouzo

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Marc S.

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Apparently there is an alternative route from Arzua to Pedrouzo. I was not aware of this (but maybe I have missed something). More information can be found here: https://tramohistorico-en.blogspot.com/

To what extent this is a "historical variant" (as is claimed by the website) I do not know. However, it may be a nice option for those wishing to avoid the crowds.

According to the website: "This historical variant of the penultimate stretch of French way offers you an exciting experience that goes back into meadows, oaks and chestnut trees that surround villages. It alternates small roads with little traffic with old roads of great heritage interest. This stretch may be related to the importance of this itinerary long before the cathedral of Santiago was built and could place the Roman road XIX in the environment where this route would run (Oca de Abaixo, Posada ...). It is also reflected in the geometric chart of geographer Domingo Fontán (19th century) and served as a pilgrimage route as accredited by ICOMOS, a UNESCO advisory body"


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This would be a nice one to use if you've come off the Norte or Primitivo Green Route from Lugo.

Marc S.

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Camino(s) past & future
Since 2012: CF, CdN, CP, Salvador, Aragones, Via Regia, Elisabethpfad, Jakobsweg NRW, Jakibspaad.
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Wow, that looks amazing, thank you for posting this. Wish I had known about it last year when I came off the Norte. Hitting the Frances with its crowds and litter after being on the Norte for so long was a bit overwhelming. Let's try to keep this alternative a secret though.
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April 2019: Frances, Salvador, Primitivo
I wonder if this is the place where a local Spanish woman was begging people to go an alternate route? We were walking alongside a road and the yellow arrows clearly pointed to continuing to do so. She was actually yelling at us that her way was the 'real' way -- she didn't speak much English but she passionately made herself clear. Three of us walking together decided to try her way, a lot of pilgrims ignored her and continued straight.

We ended up reconnecting with the 'main path' at some point, I don't remember how long we walked the alternate route nor do I remember being particularly frightened of getting lost. This was a more woodsy route.

I have no recollection about where this was, but I believe sometime after Astorga (but I could be wrong)? And this was 2016.

Does this ring a bell with anyone?

Edited to add that I might be wrong about the location.
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Camino Chrissy

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I will be walking this stretch in early May and staying in Arzua, then walking on to O'Pedrouzo the next day.
Are these differing alternative routes well marked? Are they worth deviating from the main route...possibly prettier, easier, etc.?


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I think I walked this way earlier this year it was a relief to get away from the crowds.

Geoff Shepherd

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I think I walked this way earlier this year it was a relief to get away from the crowds.
@Telboyo and @Marc S. - good info, looks great.

Do you know if this alternate way is well marked with the yellow arrows or ???
Thanks and Cooee.

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