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.... and we're back...


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I think we are up and running with the new forum software...

The main page has the list of last 30 posts:

... while the forum home page:
<a class="postlink" href="http://www.santiago-today.com/board//">http://www.santiago-today.com/board//</a>
...has the navigation by category as we know.

Now everyone can upload documents with each posts. These documents can be pdf, word documents or images. If you would like the image to be shown (like the one below), click the "Place inline" button after uploading it to the post.

... now I will go to bed, let me know if yoou find any bugs/problems with this new setup.

Un saludo,



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Camino(s) past & future
Fantastic layout Ivar on PhpBB. Good stuff.
Hi, Ivar,
Thanks for all the loving care you give this website. For those of us who are more technologically challenged, a couple of questions:

What does it mean when the little circle to the left of some posts have scrolling lines while others don't?

What does it mean when the little circle has a red star?

What does the "quote" icon mean?

I'm sure there will be more, sorry to be dense! Laurie


Staff member
What does it mean when the little circle to the left of some posts have scrolling lines while others don't?
This means that this post has many replies (I think if one message has 9 or 10 replies, then it is looked upon as "popular" and long. The scrolling lines is to indicate that it has a lot of content.

What does it mean when the little circle has a red star?
[edit: my answer here was not correct, see below for the right answer :oops: ]

What does the "quote" icon mean?
This is almost the same as "Reply", but in addition you will get the earlier posters text in quotes above your comment. This is good to use if you are answering/commenting on a particular statement from the earlier poster. (You see how I have your questions in quotes?)

You can also manually add these quotes to a post by writing [quote*]This text will be quoted[/quote*] (take out the two *'s)

I hope this helped a bit, let me know if you (or any others) have questions regarding this new forum software.

I hope it is not too complicated, it might look a bit different from the earlier one, but it really the same principles.

Un saludo,
Ivar, as always thanks for a great service to us all. Question, is there any way in this new format that I can simply look at the new posts since my last visit? This was a very convenient option in the old format. Ultreya, John


Staff member
Question, is there any way in this new format that I can simply look at the new posts since my last visit?
Yes, you can use the same url as you used before:
.. should give you all the new posts since last time you visited. (A good idea would be to bookmark this page)

A new option in this version is to also look at new posts in the last X days:
... it defaults to last 7 days, but you can change this towards the bottom.

Another new feature is the "Subscribe to forum" feature. Let's say you are planning to walk the camino frances, and are not really interested in any other posts. You could subscribe to, and receive an e-mail once anyone posts a new message in the "Camino Frances" section of the forum. At the bottom of each forum, there is now a "Subscribe Forum" link. Click it and you will receive e-mails when there are news in this forum.

New whistles and bells, no need to use all this... just options. :)

I hope this new forum version is not too complicated... it might take a day or so to get used to, but for the long run it includes a few really important features that I like (like the ability to add photos to a post for example).

Anyway, let me know if you have any more questions.

Greetings from Santiago,
Hi Ivar,

Is it possible to set the default to list the newest postings as you open the page? Your site is getting extremely active and is rated the best in any language for pilgims to Santiago, hence the number of replies are getting more abundant, some are with many pages. Hence perhaps for those who have read the old postings the need to scroll past all the old postings tp get to the newer ones can be slow.

Just a suggestion as the improvements have been wonderful.

Grandpa Joe
Thanks Ivar now I know how things work it's great.

As Ivar has suggested if you set http://www.santiago-today.com/board/search.php?search_id=newposts as a bookmark/favourite you can use it as your default. This is what I have done and this is probably a good starting page for regular users.

For guests and newbies the regular index is the best place to start.

What I have noticed when posting this and testing the link is that it does not open in a seperate window (which I find more convenient) but replaces this one. Is it possible to get links to open in a seperate window or is this something individual users need to set up.
Question from a technological idiot

I am one of those people who knows how to do four things on my computer and has no intuition about the way it works. I have tried to upload a document and have been unsuccessful. I'd like to post the translation I did of the Camino del Salvador route, because several people have asked me for it and it seems like it would be more easily accessible if it were attached here. But I can't figure it out. For those of you with more savvy, can you tell me what the "file name" means? I have a word document entitled "Camino del Salvador" but when I type that in and then click "add the file" I don't see evidence that anything has happened.

sorry to be so dense, thanks in advance, Laurie


Staff member
Hi there,

No problem... here is how you do it:

0) Click to "NewTopic" or th "postreply" button to get to the screen were you type in your message.
1) Click the "Upload attachment" tab under the text box where you type your message.
2) Click the "Browse" button, and then select the document you would like to upload
3) Then click "Add the file"
4) Done! :)

You can upload images, word documents and pdf documents. If the file is really big, the system might complain...

.. but give it a try!

Un saludo,
Thanks Ivar and Peter. It gives me a great sense of accomplishment to be able to say that I think I've made a post with an attachment (it's a "Camino Primitivo" post that focuses on the Camino del Salvador). Many thanks! Laurie
And many thanks to you, Laurie, for your work translating it from spanish to english.

I'm expecting to read it!!

Buen Camino,

Javier Martin
Madrid, Spain.

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