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Any Indication Yet of How Busy Holy Year Will Be?

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I realize it's early in the season, but was wondering if there's been any indication yet as to how busy it will be along the Camino this year?

I hadn't planned on doing another walk so early, but have had a paid invite to Wales, so I figured once I'm in that part of the world, may as well do some walking!

I'd like to walk the complete Aragonese route, since I missed quite a bit of it last year.

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Nunca se camina solo
well, the routes will vary of course but in total it looks as if predictions of at least double the number of pilgrims who walked last year will walk this year will be correct. That's not counting El Papa or any effect his visit might have.


Wandering for the love and growth of it
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According to silvia_nilsen as noted on Santiagobis,
"EL Correo Gallego reports that 8685 Compostelas were issued during the first
quarter of this year - 40% more than in the 2004 Holy Year and 65% higher than
the figures recorded in 2009. If the trend continues numbers will 'break the
roof' of the 179,944 users recorded in the previous Jubilee Year. On Friday the
Pilgrims' Office were handing out one compostela per minute."

Thanks to Silvia for this information.


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Annie, interestingly enough though, in her latest blog post Rebekah reports that the CF perhaps hasn't been so crowded in its earlier stages yet:
"Last week there were still few pilgrims out there, and the innkeepers and hospitaleros are wondering if perhaps something is amiss... only four of us at Casa Jesus, back when I last posted. Only ten of us at Refugio Gaucelmo in Rabanal del Camino."
So maybe quite a few people will just want to do the last 100km....
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Nunca se camina solo
Hola from Santiago

It looks like following the huge surge of pilgrims during Holy Week there is a slight lull. Santiago is quiet and there are no queues at the Pilgrims Office, the Cathedral or the Holy Door. But there is an air of readiness - lines set up outside the Cathedral, a new rucksack deposit since they aren´t allowed in the cathedral and many more security people around the cathedral and precincts. But it is still early in the year :) vamos a ver!



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How is is looking now? I am planning to walk the C del Norte starting in 2nd week in August in Santander. So likely to arrive Santiago around end August. Just wondering if I am likely to have problems finding space in refuges?


Nunca se camina solo
Hi Notion

Numbers are considerably greater than last year and the last Holy year - the prediction that there will be at least double looks to be coming true. But there have been reports of the Camino Frances being quieter than last year from Frances until nearer to Santiago. August is the busiest month and I think all routes will be busier than usual particularly in the last 100 kms or so.'ll soon know...if you have a guide and some cash reserves in case you need a hotel or hostal on occassion I'm sure all will be well.

Good luck



New Member
I've been taking down the numbers reported arriving each day on the website. With a couple of gaps, figures over the last month or so are as follows:

Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun

May 24 - 30 1,029 1,207 1,440
May/June 31 - 6 1,743
June 7-13 852 1,000 1,396 1,821
June 14-20 768 752 741 828 612 1,668 1,153
June 21-27 601 1,044 869 1,029 1,565 1,668 1,168
June/July 28 - 4 932 1,075 942 1,034 1,165 1,495 1,002
July 5 - 11 763 863 1,178
Average 766 934 916 984 1,189 1,639 1,108

Figures for Saturday June 19 and June 26 are averages of previous 3 Saturdays as I didn't have access to internet. Obvious spikes at weekends (one week from Sarria?). This might give an idea of when to plan a trip later in the summer.

Deleted member 3000

The Thursday count is 1,330, the most pilgrims so far on a Thursday.
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suzie morgs

What's the latest on how busy things are? I arrive Sarria 23rd October. Not sure if crowds have settled or to expect busier than usual.
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I haven't seen any stats yet, but when I was there last week there was never a time when the queue for the pilgrim's office wasn't snaking out of the door. I waited 80 minutes to get my credencial at around 7pm. The same for entering the cathedral in Praza Quintanas to hug the saint and visit the tomb. If it was like that in October I can't imagine how it was in August!
I'd agree with the posters above - from talking to people in said queue there are so many starting in Sarria.
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Past OR future Camino
Frances, Jul-Aug 05, Frances, Jul-Aug 06, Portugues, Oct 2010
JohnnieWalker said:
The problem at the moment is that almost all of the staff have left for other jobs at the end of their contracts and 15 new staff are due to start by the end of October. Hence the queues.

That would make sense. There were lots of empty desks but I'd thought it was just because it was getting late.

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