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Any other forum members in Santiago?

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Ran into Wolverine up near Ivar´s place this morning. We had coffee and a great chat!

Anybody else in Santiago from the forum?

Picked up my walking gear and bought Wolverine´s Altus Poncho (I may have turned to the dark side) since she´s headed home.

Tomorrow I´m on my way to ...the Peaceable Kingdom ...Hooray!
Yes, that was a nice chat!! I got to the travel center about 30 minutes before it opened, so I popped into the bar next door for a coffee. A few minutes later, a pilgrim walks in with a forum patch on her backpack!! YAY!

I don´t know if anyone else is in Santiago though, but I think Portia is a day or two away, maybe even coming in sometime today.

Annie, did you get to the Pilgrim Mass today? They swung the butefumiero & it went right over my head! :shock:



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I arrived in Santiago early this afternoon after a long slog through the rain from Santa Irene. I am at the monastery albergue tonight. Anyone going to be around on Wednesday? Not sure when I´ll get back into internet access but I would love to meet other forum members.


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Hi all,
I too am in Santiago - enjoying the rain - okay maybe sun would be better but a nod to you all online if I don´t run into you in person.
I´m heading to London tomorrow and then on to Nice to visit my son and his wife for 10 days.
Incidentally - not having noticed Ivar´s offer to set up flights back, I spent a lot of time online and then went to a travel agent to arrange my ticket. She mentioned that flights out of A Coruña are cheaper right now than flights out of Santiago. A Coruña is just under an hour away by bus or train (5.50 Euros by train and there are several each day). And what I learned by looking at a city map of A Coruña is that they have the oldest working Roman lighthouse - built in about 2AD but restored much more recently.
Okay that´s all I know for now.
Be well all of you.
Cecelia (Vancouver Canada)
Oh yes - one more thing - no bedbugs encountered between Leon and O´Cebreiro!
Portia & Cecelia, I am leaving tonight for Madrid at 9;30. My friends & I are going to Asia Express for dinner (probably early around 7, to give me time to catch the bus to the bus station after getting my things from our hotel). Asia Express is along Rua Franco, towards the end as you walk away from the cathedral. They serve Thai & Turkish food....very good...the owner now recognizes us.... :lol:

Anyway, I´m wearing a light blue jacket & will be with 2 Kiwis, Mark & Tracy...Mark is quite tall, dark haired, & has a moustache & beard. If you can join us, please do!!



Darn! I was in Santiago from 5Oct until today! I would have loved to have met some others from the Forum! I had my patch on my backpack but I didn't see anyone with the patch from SJPdP to Santiago and I started on 06Sep. I was in the Camino Travel Centre on 05Oct and met Frank. He was a great help booking my flights to Marseille...thanks Frank, everything worked out and I was allowed to check my walking stick I got in SJPdP on Rynair.
Thank you to everyone who helped on this forum with their suggestions.
I will post a summary later when I decompress a bit after I get back to Canada.
Everyone else who is about to start your Camino, just enjoy it...you only get one "first Camino"!


Wandering for the love and growth of it
Camino(s) past & future
Camino Frances from SJPP - 2003, 2005, 2009, 2013. 500 km on Le Puy 2013. Future - Vezelay-Santiago
Re: Any other forum members in Santiago? dinner together etc

Hi Kelly,
Darn - I didn't go back to my email and so missed your invitation. I would have loved to have joined you (all). Maybe next time <grin>
Hope everyone had a safe trip back and that the camino continues to live in your hearts, making subtle and positive changes to your lives.



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