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Anyone commenced from St Jean in early April??

Time of past OR future Camino
2017 | May | Vezelay this space!

2010 | September | Camino de Santiago in - completed in full - 33 days - no rest days! Was an awesome experience!!
Hey everyone

Has anyone commenced in St Jean starting in early to mid April??

Be interested in the weather crossing the Pyrenees in mid April? Anyone stay at Orisson?

How wet was it through the Meseta around early May??

Was there any sunny days early to mid May? even late April?

I'm commencing on Tuesday 13th April - few months to go..... :mrgreen: am very excited and am going to ignore the crowds, smell the roses, and have faith I will always get somewhere to put my sleeping bag at night - what is the point in rushing???

I think the extra people will make it an incredible and colourful journey with many stories to tell :lol:

I will walk the entire Frances Camino entirely on FOOT! Rock on 800+km's..... :p

Buen Camino all 2010 Pilgrims
The one from Galicia (the round) and the one from Castilla & Leon. Individually numbered and made by the same people that make the ones you see on your walk.
Hi Jacqui,
I started walking mid-April from Le Puy, but I think conditions in Spain were similar. There can definitely be a lot of wet days then, -and a walking pole certainly helped me keep safe in mud and on slippery hills. But as the wildflowers come out, they can be magnificent. And a week after snow on Aubrac I was sweltering in Conques in 30+C degrees, so it can vary considerably.

The weather over the Pyrenees can really only be known for certain when you are about to set out. But at the end of April in 2008 there was a storm over the Route Napoleon in which a pilgrim died, so you need to take local advice at the time.

Here is a link to a short YouTube clip of two pilgrims on what I think is the Meseta, quite possibly around May. But don't let the mud put you off: they were having a wonderful time!

Hehe - that youtube video is great - all part of the fun and just a matter of laughing - and that's what it's all about - relaxing, enjoying the moments, laughing! :lol:
Hi Jacqui,
We started out on the Route Napoleon from SJPP on April 7th 09 but faced a complete 'white out' up at the Cruceiro where you turn 'off road' to go cross country. So we then had to walk down Arneguy and trudge along the valley route up to Roncevalles in freezing rain/sleet/snow ....bit of a baptism of fire/snow for us. But my goodness 'austere' Roncevalles did seem warm and cosy when we got there!
Top tips-
1)Listen to the locals and get the latest info you can-we met a shepherd up at the Cruceiro who told us to go the valley route.
2)Great hot ports in the bar in Hotel La Posada at Roncevalles.....they seemed to work wonders.
Have some pictures of that day on blog see link below.
Re Meseta :- From Rabe to San Anton it was clear and sunny but with an absolutely freezing wind. Then, from just before Castrojerez, the wind died down and we got sudden blazing heat.
Good luck
Hi Jacqui

I began walking on 3rd April 2008, at Pau in France. I crossed the Pyrenees at Somport, not so far from where you will cross them, on 7th April, and the weather was glorious. Mornings at that time of year are nippy even on the flatter country. Also the wind can be a trial as it invariably comes from the west which is the way you are going, and I had spent several days ploughing in to severe headwinds. I struck rain on and off - no one can tell you if you will get a lot of rain or not.

On Anzac Day I picked wild rosemary to wear in my hat as I walked to Berliannos del Real Camino. I booked into the albergue there, and as with the albergue at Arres on the Aragones camino, the women helped to prepare the communal meal, and the men cleaned up afterwards. We had to introduce ourselves before we sat down at the table, state our nationality, and sing a song from our homeland. The facilities were not great, but I would not have missed the experience for anything. Perhaps you could practice up on Waltzing Matilda or Click go the Shears!

Buen camino.

Be brave. Life is joyous.
The one from Galicia (the round) and the one from Castilla & Leon. Individually numbered and made by the same people that make the ones you see on your walk.
Hi Jacqueline,
I have started from SJPP on April 8th (2003) April 15th(2006) and April 20th (2007). The first time it was glorious - no snow. The second was also great but wet. The third and latest date there were about 18-24 inches of snow and it was recommended that we go via Valcarlos (also very beautiful by the way although I much prefer that long climb over the top).

You will need to pack for cold, wet and/or hot sun because you will probably get all three. As I have mentioned in other posts in 2007 we got snow the first day out of Leon and it was so cold and windy I had everything on I took with me. A week later everyone had bad sunburns. Mother Nature rules the weather along the way and it's uncomfortable to challenge her authority so prepare by taking layers of clothes. You won't need anything heavy (the snow was a freak day) but light layers that are suitable for different weather usually work well. I do take a fleece vest and a very thin merino wool sweater (like a long sleeved T-shirt, available at sports stores).

The flowers and wild herbs are wonderful at this time of the year! Enjoy!
Oops - re Orisson and Huntto albergues,
Yes I have stayed at both. They are a bit expensive - close to 30 Euros now I think, but the price includes dinner and breakfast. My experiences were excellent at both. If you are a vegetarian be sure to tell them before dinner and they'll make you eggs (not a vegetable I know). If you're vegan prepare to be content with wine and vegetables.
If you're planning to stay at Orisson you will almost certainly need a reservation well in advance. Even so, check in at the Pilgrims' Office in SJPP and they'll phone ahead to confirm. There is no place to stay after Orisson until you get to Roncesvalles so this is one spot you will need to plan ahead for (possibly the only one). Your attitude of taking it easy and not stressing about things will serve you very on the camino I think. It's very easy to get caught up in the rush unless you make a point not to - and for the most part it works out much the same anyway.
Buen camino
Hey Jacqueline ,
I'll be on the Camino around the same time , although I plan to start my Camino from Lourdes through to SJPDP . I cant wait , I did my first Camino in the summer of 2000 , and have always wanted to return. Especially to see what the countryside looks like coming out of winter.
Till then,
Buen Camino .
Your attitude of taking it easy and not stressing about things will serve you very on the camino I think. It's very easy to get caught up in the rush unless you make a point not to - and for the most part it works out much the same anyway.

Thanks Cecelia - I have everything crossed (fingers toes etc...) that the weather will be ok for just one day enough to cross the Pyrenees!! I'm excited about the challenge and especially on day one!

I'm also looking forward to experiencing the beauty of walking in Spring and the photo opps it will give me.

My attitude for being relaxed and NOT stressing or rushing is absolutely necessary, particularly during a Holy Year where they are expecting record crowds. However, it is part of the reason I chose to do it this year - I'm journalling the walk for a book and therefore the more people on the experience during a Holy Year the better for me & my stories and other people's stories!!

Layers are the best way and a lot of people have said the same. Given you get hot walking anyway! There are these fabulous new lightweight merino wool clothing called "Icebreaker" which are amazing!! So will be taking 2 pieces of that (short & long sleeved) & a zip up vest plus I have 2 singlets & a rain jacket - should be more than ample even if I have to wear ALL of them at once in the mornings! LOL :D


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