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Anyone ever use Yoigo mobile service?


I'm leaving on Friday for SJPdP via Paris. Has anyone ever used Yoigo ( mobile service? It looks pretty cheap with data capping out at EU 1.20/day and rates sounding reasonable. There's also an office about a block off the path in Pamplona, where I should be on day 3 of walking. Thanks!
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I used Yoigo as my provider for about a year.. this was about a year ago (I had a contract).

I was satisfied with them. They rent capacity from Movistar (Telefonica), so coverage is good. The only problem I had was that sometimes my sms messages that went out of Spain (back home to Norway) mysteriously disapeared. I sent it, but it was never recieved. Not sure if this was a handset issue my my phone or the one in Norway, but it happened a few times... not sure...

Other than that, go for it. They have good prices. And by the way, I think you can add more euros to the account at many post offices and gorecy stores (at least the larger chain stores).

Buen camino!
Any suggestions on a mobile carrier that's prepaid (or pay-as-you-go) that would work in France AND Spain? (I'll be returning to France for a week and a half after my Camino.)

Ivar, did I read the Yoigo site correctly that they have a pretty cheap prepaid service? I don't speak much Spanish (yet). :)

Hi again,

I think all of them (Yoigo included) works also in France... you are paying "out of country" rates of course, so it will be expensive. When you get the service, ask if you need to activate the ability to use the number outside of Spain (like in France).

Alternatives are: (they are also a mobile service provider, look at their website for details)

... it has been a while since I have researched prices, but I think Yoigo is one of the cheaper ones...

Buen Camino!
They operate a UMTS/3G network, which at their launch in December 2006 had very limited UMTS (3G) coverage even in some of the largest cities. In places where there is no UMTS coverage, Yoigo users switch to national roaming using movistar's both GSM and 3G networks.
Hmmmm...I'm bringing a Blackberry Curve (8900) which is a GSM phone. Will that work with a Yoigo SIM card? Are the costs the same roaming on the movistar GSM/3G network?
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Hmmmm...I'm bringing a Blackberry Curve (8900) which is a GSM phone. Will that work with a Yoigo SIM card?
In Spain there are only GSM netowrks... so that is not a problem. Is your phone "Locked" to your provider at home? If yes. It will not work. If no, it should work.

Are the costs the same roaming on the movistar GSM/3G network?
The top row is if you travel to EU countries, the lower one the rest of the world.

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