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Approximately How Long Does it Take From Le Puy to St. Jean?


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I'm going to do the camino for the first time next April and am trying to decide whether to start in St. Jean Pied de Port or from Le Puy. I know approximately how long it will take me to get to Santiago from St. Jean, but can't seem to get an idea of how long from Le Puy to St. Jean.

I know I can do at least 45 days, but if it takes longer than that, I may have to take the shorter route.

Thanks for your help!
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I took 44 days to walk from Le Puy to SJPP, and nearly everyone would do it faster than me! I deliberately did 'short' days in the beginning, and I had several 'rest' days along the way, to explore interesting places like Moissac and Conques.
The gites along the Chemin in France are not as large or as frequent in some areas as they are along the Camino Frances. So there is a region where you end up having to choose to do 16, 17, 18km days, or else walk double that. I was not really into 30km+ days, so for a week or so, I made quite slow progress in terms of kilometres. But a lot of the towns/villages I stayed in then were very interesting and well worth some afternoon exploring.


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Southern France is where angels go on vacation because it offers the best of heaven on earth. I can understand why you enjoyed some slow days and exploring the wonderful villages in the south. Though one might walk the Chemin faster, it is more pleasurable to walk with eyes wide open to the beauty that is southern France. Margaret, you did it the right way.

God bless,



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Hi Steph!

I budgeted 30 days from le Puy to SJPP and then 30 from there to Santiago. France takes longer, the terrain is hillier (various ups and downs every hour as opposed to a few a day in Spain) and you're fitness level is lower than once you enter Spain. So budget a little more time in France than in Spain. Especially from Le Puy until Conques. But by the end of your Camino, it will feel like a breeze scrambling uphill for 45 minutes non-stop.

Work out a lot before France, and keep motivated with lots of delicious french food and the best views!

Buen Camino!
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Mountain biking, staying mostly on the trail, not the paved alternatives, took 16 days to St. Jean PdP, and an additional 15 days to Santiago.

I think the LePuy-St.Jean chemin has been my favorite.


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HI Steph , I just got back from walking the Le Puy route and it took me 39 days from Le Puy to St Jean. No rest days, averaging around 20 km a day. I could have done a little more each day, but it was very hot at the beginning, so my pace was just right and I had no problems at all with blisters, just sore soles of my feet after 3 or 4 hours of walking which is pretty normal. Regards, Gitti


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I returned from Santiago 24.10.09. Started my walk 15.08 from Le Puy. I used 34 days to Hontto, 5 km after St. Jean without any restdays. A lot of the people I met one the way had a higher speed than me, but there were also those who needed more days than me. Some days I could have walked further, but since I had booked places to sleep I had to keep to my scedule. From Roncesvalles to Santiago I used 30 days included a restday in Burgos.
The time you need will depend on a lot of things. The weather for instance. Walking in spring very often means mud. When I was walking in hot weather on dry paths I often thought that this road could be bad in bad weather. Days with bad weather will perhaps make your walkingdistance shorter.
Your legs might need a rest for a day or two. I saw very many legproblems, bad knees and ancles. Be careful when you go down hills. And blisters ....!!
I met very many pilgrims who felt they had too short time and who had to cut out parts of the camino to reach their flight back.
Next year will be a busy year on the camino. Even this year seems to be a peak at the statistics.
I was nearly shocked when I saw that there were more than hundred pilgrims in Roncesvalles a day at the end of September. Will there be places enough to sleep for all the pilgrims next year? There was a new albergue here and there. Galicia seemed to prepare for the holy year. Good luck with your preparations.

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