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Arn in Santiago


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Hi all,

I just came back from Santiago after meeting Arn. He sends his best to everyone in the forum.

It seems like Arn's camino was a bit tougher than he expected. He had a fall and hurt his right knee some place before Pamplona, and he has been struggling with his knee ever since. He will tell his story once he is back home, but the short version is that he took the bus part of the way and walked a total of 200km with crutches.

I meet him on Plaza do Obradoiro today just before mass (at 12.00), and he looked great! His spirit was also good. Anyway, he sends his best.

Saludos from Santiago,
The one from Galicia (the round) and the one from Castilla & Leon. Individually numbered and made by the same people that make the ones you see on your walk.
Thanks Ivar!
I'm so glad to hear that he made it - I've been in touch with him along the Way and knew he was having a difficult time. But that is very good news.

Thanks again,
The camino can be a real tester! Typical of Arn to hang in there and not give up. Well done Arn!!
Groot drukkies!
Arn, I'm so happy to hear you made was very quiet without you! I wish we'd known more and could have offered you more prayers and encouragement! 200km w/crutches is and unbelievable feat, truly amazing! Congratulations and get well, completely well!

10 days and a wake up to go!!
Thank you Ivar for the update and all the help that you give to all the pilgrims on this site. And a Speedy Recovery to Arn, I'm so sorry your Camino ended the way it did, in reading all your posts it was so evident how much you were looking forward to your journey. I hope you found enough good memories and experiences to have it made it worthwhile.
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ivar said:
He had a fall and hurt his right knee some place before Pamplona, and he has been struggling with his knee ever since.

Too bad, my friend...but at least you did 200K and reached Santiago. I perscribe lots of vino tinto to kill the pain and keep your spirits up... :wink: Here's wishing you a speedy recovery and a safe journey home! :arrow:
Hi all :)
200 km on crutches :!: I'm absolutely gobsmacked, as they say in NE England. If I had had an injury that bad I think I would have cried and gone home! Well done Arn, I'm sure you'll be back.
Hope you have a speedy recovery, and maybe you'll be in the Class of 2009!
Best wishes,


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