Arrow appreciation

2018 edition Camino Guides
May there be a special blessing for every person who painted a yellow arrow or placed a trail indicator that helped to direct my path. I appreciated every single one that confirmed I was on the right track from Seville at Salamanca this spring, (will finish the VDLP next year) and along the entire CF. I'm thinking route marking is done by trail volunteers, and wanted to express my appreciation.

PS this does not include those nefarious individuals who reroute the trail for their own purposes by putting up misleading markers. May they get blisters for their trouble.



It is one of my few regrets about my first Camino that I chose to walk just a few months too late to meet the famous Don Elías Valiña Sampedro - parish priest in O Cebreiro, scholar, author of the definitive guide book for the Camino Frances, and the man who came up with the notion of marking the Camino paths with yellow arrows. Such a beautifully simple idea! On that first Camino I carried a copy of his guide which belonged to my mother-in-law and had been signed by Don Elias a few years earlier. All of us who have walked since owe him and all those who have continued and extended his work since a great debt.

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