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art and culture


Returned from another fantastic trip to Santiago, this time made easier by Ryanair. It is really one of the most fun cities I ever visited in Spain.

I wondered if anyone would know the best way to obtain a list of the smaller art galleries and music venues. I could go to the goverment buildings but my Gallician and Spanish is not very good at all.

Hope you can help.

Best wishes

Jacqui :D :D
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Hi Jacqui,

Welcome to this forum!

I do not know one listing of smaller art galleries and music venues, but I found a listing of art exhibitions and concerts in town. From there you should be able to get some info even though they do not always put down more than the name of the gallery (no address or phone number). Have a look at these two links:

Art exhibitions:
http://www.elcorreogallego.es/periodico ... x_arte.htm

Concerts (in Galicia):
http://www.elcorreogallego.es/periodico ... musica.htm

Sala Capitol, http://www.salacapitol.com/ , is one of the best places for concerts in town. It is located in the street behind Plaza Galicia. Standing in Plaza Galicia, look for the Banesto Bank, it's in the street behind that building.

There is also a website on the Galician Culture:
(This site was not working when I tried it just now, but try a bit later) This site is a bit more general, but hopefully it has some of what you are looking for.

I hope this helps,
art and culture replied

Thank you very , very much Ivar for getting back to me so quickly and with so much information.

I shall have a look at the links you gave me and let you know how I get on. I did notice when we were in Santiago that most clubs and events that were advertised on posters just give the name of events and no address. It did prove a bit problematic when even the turismo didn't know where some of the places were but I did find Gong records in Placa De Galicia and some of the clothing shops were extremely helpful and oblidging with directions.

Keep up the good work, the site is great , and I hope the sun is shining in Santiago. :D

Hasta Luego for just now as I will probably need your help again in the future.

Best wishes

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