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Astorga to Santiago in March

Bama Bill

New Member
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October (2016)
I'm hoping to finish the Camino by walking from Astorga to Santiago between March 13 and April 1. Will enough albergues be open?


Camino Fossil AD 1999, now living in Santiago de C
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First: Camino Francés 1999
Last: Santiago - Muxia 2019

Now: http://egeria.house/
Yes, there will, the pilgrim season starts each year a bit earlier ;-)


Been there, going again...
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CF x 3
To echo, yes there will be open Albergues but not necessarily the ones you plan for. Be flexible in your plans and you'll always find a place to lay your head. In the winter months I read of many open year-round only to arrive to closed doors. A quick question to a local often solved the problem of where to go instead or at times I got on the phone and called other Albergues listed in the guidebook I used. Haven't slept under the stars yet!

Chris Day

Hesed Walker
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Frances-14/15/16 Part-17/18/19/20
VdlP/Sanab/Finist 16
Port/Ingles 17
Norte 18 Le Puy&Prim 19
I too set off from Astorga on the 13th. I did the same stretch last year at the same time and all was good with almost all the usual facilities fully open - you will have no problems, Bama Bill. I hope you enjoy your time and possibly to see you along the way.


For this breath, I am present.
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SJPP to Najera Sept. 2017; Najera to Astorga Oct. 2018; SJPP to Pamplona May 2019
Sounds like Astorga is a popular starting point. I too will be starting there in 2020, planning to walk to Santiago and then do the Finisterre and Muxía route. Not sure yet if I will go in April or September; just have to see how some other commitments go. Buen Camino @Bama Bill and @Chris Day!

Mike Blackard

Camino(s) past & future
CF -Sept.-Oct 2018 , CF Aug- Oct 2019
(CF or VdlP summer/fall 2020)
Astorga is one of my favorite places. The nice lady in the "Pilgrim store" across the street from the Guadi Palace, speaks perfect English, sells poles (mine were stolen) for only 25 Euro, and most importantly... will give you walking directions (4 minutes behind Cathedral) to the best café for thick, hot chocolate with churros. Astorga is famous for it"s chocolate (several chocolate factories in town) and in Spain, you don't drink the hot chocolate- it's too thick, - you dip your churros into it- Heaven!
And on your way out of town, about half way, you will come across a small church with A-Frame type roof and mosaic tile art covering the front. If open, go inside, and if the pastor is there and has time he will give you a great tour.
Then, just out side of town, you will walk by a small chapel. Built in the 1700's by a grateful mom when her baby was rescued by divine intervention. She had dropped her baby into a deep well and could not reach the baby. Then the well filled with water with her baby floating on top to her mother's grateful arms- or at least that's the legend I was told by a local man while driving me back to the camino after I wandered off, lost again.
The next stop is Murias de Rechivaldo. Super nice family cafe/bar. Stop and tell them Miguel "el guapo" sent you, see if they laugh. BUEN CAMINO


Bama Bill

New Member
Camino(s) past & future
October (2016)
Delightful! Looking forward to it! Thank you. I actually met the great lady in the Pilgrim store already when I ended the second leg of my Camino there. She is very gracious.


Active Member
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CF March 2018
CF Dec 2019/2020
I am walking now and having no problems. More and more places (albergue and bars etc) open from mid March onwards - we walked March/April a couple if years ago. You do t have a big selection, but you will be fine ;)

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