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Aymeric Electronic Passport and Electronic Stamps

Jeff Crawley

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Currently on a "Virtual" Camino and striding out across Castile y Leon!
Does anybody has some experience or heard about Aymeric Electronic Passport & Stamps?
I found it through This site
You can read it here.
Thanks :)
My first impression is that it all sounds a bit . . . strange. No doubt well intentioned but who are these people?

I was interested to note that:

Most establishments have an electronic stamp, a QR code that you will find at the entrance of the premises. When scanning it, you incorporate them to your Electronic Passport, they will be geolocated and later you can visit them when you return from the trip.

Things have changed since my last Camino in 2018!


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It sounds pretty dicey to me. They have very nice and flowery language but it seems like another way to monetize the Camino for personal gain. How they use data that they acquire from pilgrims is not addressed. There is some reference that this is a non profit but I could not find evidence of that. Who will they sell your email address to or how will they use the personal information that they gather from us? To me there are enough people tracking us and following our every move. They do not seem to offer anything that I would want personally. My passport works just fine. So do the stamps we like to look at.

C clearly

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Perhaps someone like @Rebekah Scott or @SYates would know something about this organization -
Federación Española de Asociaciones de Amigos del Camino de Santiago.


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The question that I cannot see answered is whether it will be accepted at the Pilgrim Office in place of a physical credential. There isn't a claim that it does that I can find. Which makes me wonder how they can claim that this is anything more than a convenient tracking app. There are plenty of these around using similar approaches to the basic tracking, but perhaps not aimed so specifically at the pilgrim community.


Active Member
I read it as being complementary to the credential rather than a replacement of it. It is a way to encourage tourism in the towns/villages e.g. a museum/church/historic building would have the code posted outside so that the pilgrim could read information about the site and decide whether to visit. Or there could be a code at the entrance to the village with historic information and points of interest.

The Federación Española de Asociaciones de Amigos del Camino de Santiago is made up of Camino organisations throughout Spain and is definitely a reputable organisation. Hospitaleros Voluntarios which trains and supplies hospitaleros to donativo albergues is a part of the Federación.

The link to the Aymeric site is on the Federación website as an ad. Though that gives credence to Aymeric, there is no way of knowing how well it was researched. It is up to each of us to decide whether or not it is worthy of our membership.
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