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Maggie Ramsay
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I need to buy a backpack - what is the best size to choose (how many litres capacity)? I weigh 60 kg (132 pounds)and am 168 cm (5'6") tall.
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The bigger the sack - the more you'll pack!

35L for someone your size is more than sufficient.
After years of hiking and camping with Boy Scouts, I came to this realization:

"If you don't have it, you won't need it."

It's suprising how little we need to get by. Having spent our lifetimes in an era of realitive wealth and comfort, our species is still amazingly hardy and has but a few basic, easily fulfillable needs. I've found that, proportionally, the hiker who has very little, and makes do with what he has, or is ingenuitive with what is available to him, is happier than the hiker who carries everything, but is weighed down.

Thanks for this - when I was a young traveller on the hippie trail I used to say that I could travel around the world on the contents of an airline bag, about the size of a very small modern sports bag, so I agree with simplicity actually making travel so much easier. I do a lot of travel now with my work, and my basics for that are a sarong and a pashmina - amazing how many roles they can fulfill.

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