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Backpacks on Ryanair


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I'm flying from London to Biarritz on May 17 on my way to SJPdP. I've heard that Ryanair doesn't allow backpacks as carry-on baggage. Does anyone know if this is true?

If so, do I need to pack my backpack in something else (like a duffel bag or even a plastic garbage bag) before checking it? Or does Ryanair give me something to pack it in? Or can the backpack be checked "as is" (with no wrapping or other protection). Any advice or experience to share?
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markvanoss said:
Or does Ryanair give me something to pack it in?
Ryanair DOES NOT give YOU anything. On the contrary be prepared to all kinds of extras and read between the lines carefully.
If your backpack fits within the specified measurements for cabin luggage then you will be ok. We managed this all right. There is a cage thing at Stansted where you can test to make sure it fits. If necessary could you use straps or something to squeeze or tie it into an acceptable shape? Or use a different backpack.

Technically a bum bag counts as another piece of luggage and you could be asked to put it in your backpack as well, but I have got away with keeping it on me. Likewise a carrier bag full of sandwiches etc. You can ask the coffee bars etc flightside to fill up water bottles for you if you have the cheek, or if you buy a coffee! Anything is better than having to pay Ryanair a penny more than you have to.
Put all your gear in your backpack and then measure dimensions. If they are within the limits as stated on Ryanair website then there should be no problem. At the boarding gate you may be requested to put your bag in a cage/frame to check if within limits.
You will only be allowed this one bag as carry on luggage.

Edit: Oh, Bridget&Peter type faster than me!

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