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Barcelona to Santiago


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My husband is meeting me after my camino in Santiago, he will be flying into Barcelona first. We have checked out airlines to Santiago, but has anyone had experience catching a bus or train from Barcelona to Santiago and if so, how long did it take and do you remember the cost?
If he chooses to fly he isn't able to make the Veuling connection and so will have a big wait then have to fly via Madrid. A lot of travelling and waiting around. We thought perhaps a train or bus could be less hassle?
I'd appreciate any advice.
Also, I have tried finding the post you put up a while ago Ivar in regards to when your mother flies from Norway - but perhaps that was flying from Madrid to Santiago and not Barcelona?
thanks everyone, Jane :D
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thanks for your reply Ivar. Are you able to advise which airline - Vueling or ClickAir is the safest of the two. I have not heard of either - are they both airlines within spain? Do you know which one has the safest record? :D many thanks, Jane


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Both of them are safe. Click Air is owned by Iberia. Vueling uses brand new planes. Both of them are relatively new airlines, Vueling started about 4-5 years ago, ClickAir started last year. As far as I know no one has had any accidents, at least none that has been reported in the media.

I would take the one that fits your schedule best. No worries. :)



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thanks Ivar, I will do as you suggested.
It's 2.30am here in australia and it's raining - a wonderful sound for the drought! Cheers, Jane
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