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bed bug worries

Apparently, here in America we don't have bed bugs, since I can't find a single place that sells a protective sheet....in fact, the only sheet I could find seems to only be available from one store in the world ( lifesystems bedbug barrier sheet from mountain warehouse in the UK) .... and they don't ship outside of England :x ...needless to say, I'm a bit worried...I'm bringing tea tree oil, a natural bug repellent, and an insect repellent shirt ( maybe ) ... any other advice........




Get someone else to sleep in your bed for an hour first!!

Tell you what should work pretty well. If you take a mosquito net of the right size you could use it as a bed cover - tuck those ends in like a hospital bed and nothing will get through that.
Also - sounds silly, but ... the material they make net curtains with ...find a fabric shop and explain the situation (watch them step backwards two paces!), they should be able to help - there is also a material specially used for pillows and duvets that doesn't allow even the smallest feather through - a roll of that would do as well.

A lot cheaper too I should think. Actually, now I think about it - when I get back home this autumn I think I will make them myself and put them up in my Ebay shop for next season.
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