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I read on the internet that there is an infestation of bedbugs on the Camino Frances . Supposedly the Albergues are infected and have not yet been fumigated . Has anyone heard anything about that ? I was planning to start the walk on May 4....but I am now having second thoughts !
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Where are you starting your Camino? I depart SJPdP on May 4, but am taking the Valcarlos Route & likely taking 2 days to get to Roncesvalles.

Hopefully, the bedbug situation has been taken care of over the winter season. I'm still taking insect repellent, though.



There's an article ("Plaga de chinches") on bugs along the Camino in the May '07 issue of the AGACS' Spanish language magazine, "Libredon."

Go to: ... don_16.pdf page 20.

In brief, it says that there's been an increasing plague of bugs over the years along the Caminos. Albergues have been closed and fumigated in Navarra, Rioja, Castilla, and Leon. They are bothersome enough that a person may need medical attention. The plague is more intense towards the spring/summer mos. A reappearance/extension of this plague is foreseen for 2007.

Buen Camino :arrow:

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"...I was planning to start the walk on May 4....but I am now having second thoughts !"

Hi Gtlman,

Don't be discouraged by these news. It was worse centuries ago!

There's always something going on, such as terrorism, natural disasters, family calamities, political strife, etc etc etc, to deter us from traveling and more.

We are informed about the issue of bedbugs along the Camino and as to its potential extension.


Now, let's find out what, if anything, we can do about it, what precautions we can take, and go from there.

Am flexible.

I'm planning to start at a specific Road site in June.

But, if need there be because of this or other reasons, I wouldn't have qualms in changing where to start my Camino from and what route(s) to follow, as long as I am on the Camino :!:

Buen Camino :arrow:

xm 8)

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