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Best deal in Santiago


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I stumbled across the hotel Ares Nunes-just down from the pilgrims office and was bowled over by their all you can eat buffet for 7.50 euros. It included salad,pies,tortilla,fish,chicken,vegetables,bread and ribs.Drinks are a bit dearer but with one beer it still comes out at less than 10 euros-very good value!
Maybe Ivar has been keeping this one a secret!
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Thank you for putting this information about getting a reasonably priced meal on Ivar's website. We had depended on the CSJ book but found it increasingly out of date, or too blinkered. The best information is still here on this site. Perhaps the CSJ book editors could look at this site or they be told of this jewel.

Javier Martin

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I would like to suggest you another place to take meal in Santiago, "Casa Manolo" at Cervantes Square, very popular among pilgrims ...

If you don't know it, just go and see and enjoy and come back and ...

Buen Camino,

Javier Martin
Madrid, Spain.


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Don't forget the CSJ book is based on pilgrim feedback, and the Guide makes it quite clear that this is the case. So, if the editors are not informed of any changes/updates, open/closed albergues, great restaurants etc, the information will not appear.

If we want to see the Guide completely up-to-date, then it's up to us pilgrims to pass on the information.
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I second on Casa Manolo. Was a bit taken back by the contemporary decor: I remember the old place, and the old "woody" atmosphere, but as the grand-daughter of the original Manolo told me: "We are still the same".
They were better!
Chiperones to die for.
And all for 8 Euros.
Keep that pilgrim tradition going!


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While I am on line. I booked into the Hostal N*l*. Awful, Really awful. I drove around the city (and around) saying: no...I deserve better than this! (and BTW am no 5* traveller) I finally settled on the Alameda on Rua de San Clemente, and by the end of the week, could have moved in quite easily. Family-run. Very friendly people (Rosa y Antonio) and reasonable prices. A stone's throw (if you will forgive the cliche: it's late!) from the Cathedral.
Tracy Saunders

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Casa Manolo offers over a dozen pilgrim menus, while most others offer only 3 or 4. All are quite good. My recollection is that wine is not included, but water is. Some desserts are made there, but most are the same as you find in supermarkets.

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