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Bikes on trains/buses from SdC


New Member
I'm fairly certain I read somewhere (here?) that there was no problem taking bikes on trains from Santiago to Santander (via Palencia). I've just had an email from the RENFE agent in London saying no bikes permitted between Santander and Palencia.

I know bikes aren't allowed on long distance routes (like the 08:42 ALVIA service to Barcelona) except on sleepers, but is this also the case on the 09:25 service which goes on to Hendaya?

If I can't get my bicycle on a train from Santiago it appears I can get it on a bus. Does anyone know the requirements for transporting a bicycle on an ALSA bus? Must it be boxed/bagged?
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Am I allowed to carry on bicycles, surfboards or skis?
Transporting bicycles, surfboards or skis has an additional cost, 5 euros for short-distance routes and 10 euros for long-distance routes.

In international services, you are only allowed to carry on bicycles in a Spain-Morocco route, by booking and paying for this extra service.

Because of the limited space, we admit 4 objects (bicycles and surfboards) total in each coach, one per ticket. They have to be good conditions to travel without causing any damage to other baggage, so it is obligatory for them to be well packaged in boxes or bags suitable for transportation.

You can buy your ticket on our website along with bicycle transportation, indicating it in the box in step 3 of the purchasing process. Tickets with bicycle transportation must be bought one by one, so it's impossible to check this box if you chose 2 or more seats.

If there is no space in the selected coach, this box will be unavailable too.

Once the ticket is bought, the passenger must be there at least 15 minutes before the departure time with the indicated bicycle or surfboard.

Deleted member 3000

Travelling with Bicycles
On AVE and Larga Distancia

Bicycles will be allowed on trains that have sleeper accommodation (sleeper carriages).

When acquiring the ticket will be owed to request the option of Travelling with bicycles.

In sleeper carriages, whether conventional or Trenhotel trains, bicycles will only be allowed when the compartment is occupied in family mode, in other words, all of the passengers in the compartment are travelling as a group.

As a general rule, only one bicycle per passenger will be allowed, with a maximum of two bicycles per compartment.

Bicycles must be wrapped in bicycle travel cases with the pedals removed and the handlebars rotated 90º.

Renfe does not accept responsibility for any loss or damages.

On Media Distancia

Bicycles will be allowed on all Media Distancia trains that have a designated area or enough space to carry them. Only one bicycle per passenger will be allowed as long as there are enough places on the train or the maximum capacity for each carriage or train is not exceeded. Otherwise, the passenger will be entitled to use another Media Distancia train or to a reimbursement of the price of the journey not made.

In general, passengers travelling in a group with more than three bicycles must be authorised by Renfe-Operadora beforehand. Only in the case of authorised groups can the maximum limit for each carriage or train be exceeded.

This service is available for all Media Distancia trains but it can be limited on overcrowded trains. Maximum limits per train and carriage can be established for this service. This service will not occupy a seat nor can a seat be reserved for this purpose. The price will be the one established on the current price list.

Passengers transporting a bicycle must take proper care to ensure the safety and comfort of other passengers and will be responsible for any damages to the train and injuries to third parties.

In Special Price Nº 6 there may be limits on this service, depending on the date, time, period and route.

On Cercanías

Bicycles will be allowed on the trains and at the times authorised in each Cercanías Network. Only one bicycle per passenger will be allowed.

Renfe-Operadora does not accept responsibility for any loss or damages caused to bicycles during the journey. Owners will be responsible for loading, storing and unloading their bicycles.


New Member
Thank you, falcon269.

I had missed the ALSA information when I searched earlier. Very helpful.

As for RENFE, I've seen that text, but I'm not clear on how to tell the difference between AVE/Larga Distancia services and the Media Distancia and Cercanías services.

Deleted member 3000

It will be shown on the schedule and on your ticket. AVE is between major cities.
Guests of our AVE trains are able to start and end your trip at no extra charge in local trains of the nuclei of Barcelona, ​​Madrid, Malaga, Valencia and Zaragoza.

You can start your journey at any station commuter kernel source to arrive at the departure station of your train AVE. You can also complete the trip from the destination station AVE train to any station near his heart, provided the start and end times of the AVE train trip, including the possible displacement between stations in the same city, allow the use Commuter trains.

At the time of purchase of your ticket AVE generate a password that is printed on your ticket. With this you get two commuter trips, one in the center of origin and another at the destination.

During the day of travel date AVE ticket, you can buy your ticket Suburban in route accounting machines or in Suburban stalls.

This offer is valid for customers who purchase tickets to any of the following rates: General, Round and Child, and is valid for all classes.

The mere possession of the valid password, does not authorize travel by commuter rail network.

Approaches, commuter trains, the source station of your train AVE and continuations, commuter trains from stations destination of your train AVE, can be made within hours of opening and closing service vicinity of each nucleus.
Ave Series 100
Ave Series 102 / 112
Ave Series 103
Alvia Series 120
Alvia Series 130
Avant S-104
Avant S-114
Avant S-121
Media Distancia R-448
Media Distancia R-449
Media Distancia R-470
Media Distancia R-592
Media Distancia R-594
Media Distancia R-598
Media Distancia R-599
Cercanías 442
Cercanías 446
Cercanías 447
Cercanías 450
Mercancías S253
Renfe's translation, not mine!
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New Member
Thank you very much for your continued patience.

There are two trains leaving SdC on the day I have in mind. There first one is shown as ALVIA, which I know is a Larga Distancia route. The second departure is the one I'm interested in, details (including second leg from Palenciato Santader) are as follows.
Train 1 99900 CON ENLACE
Dep 09:25
Arr 16:24
Link Palencia
Dep 18:56
Arr 22:16
Train 2 18105 REGIONAL
The second train is obviously regional, so no problem for bikes. But I can't work out the first train. For reference, Train 1 runs from A Coruña to Hendaya.


New Member
Yesterday I received confirmation that the 09:25 is also off-limits to bikes. :(
I'm certain when I looked into this last year bikes were OK, but the route ran along the north coast...

It looks like I'll now be taking my bike on the coach to Santander. [makes mental note to borrow a bike bag] Does anyone have experience of this journey? I've read too many horror stories of bikes being damaged in transit so am rather paranoid about mine being taken as cargo!


New Member
I want to cycle to SdC but return to France in some sort of vehicle. I have read all these posts attentively. I am grateful for their effort, but I don't feel much further forward.

Is there a website or sites that gives clear information on train and bus schedules, from Santiago to Irun, including connections, including facility for bikes? My Spanish is rudimentary, but I think I could interpret such a site if I could find it.

The website for Vueling, the Spanish low cost airline, is a model of clarity. However, all the available and affordable flights seem to go via Barcelona. I don't want to double the risk to the bike by having it on and off loaded twice. Hence bus or train


William Marques

Staff member
If you are not alone a hire-car can be a cheap and convenient alternative to train or bus. Without wheels most bikes will fit in the back of a compact hatchback.

The FEVE narrow gauge train route from Ferrol takes bikes along the North coast but is a long and scenic alternative.

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