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Bilbao to SJPP


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Okay so I didn't look through every post but I did look at a lot. Can you answer this question, what is the easiest/best way to get form Bilbao to SJPP? We are travelling at the end of April 08.
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I'd go by bus from Bilbao to Pamplona, then another bus to Roncesvalles then a taxi:

Bilbao - Pamplona:


Company: “La Burundesa”. Trip takes 2 hours.

The timetable from Bilbao to Pamplona is approximately:

Origen Salida Destino Llegada Tarifa Ruta

* BILBO/BILBAO 07:00 PAMPLONA/IRUÑA 09:20 12,45€
* BILBO/BILBAO 10:00 PAMPLONA/IRUÑA 12:00 12,45€
* BILBO/BILBAO 13:00 PAMPLONA/IRUÑA 15:00 12,45€
* BILBO/BILBAO 15:30 PAMPLONA/IRUÑA 17:30 12,45€
* BILBO/BILBAO 18:00 PAMPLONA/IRUÑA 20:00 12,45€
* BILBO/BILBAO 20:30 PAMPLONA/IRUÑA 22:30 12,45€

Departures: Garellano Station. The trip takes approximately 2 hours.
The connection between Bilbao airport and the bus station (in the city centre) can be made by taxi. Approximate price: 20 Euros. Or by bus: Price: 1.15 euro. Departs every half hour from the airport (arrivals area) and from the bus station. It takes approximately 25 minutes.

More information on: +34 948303505 or or

There is a bus at 6pm every day from the bus station in Pamplona to Roncesvalles.

From Roncesvalles get a taxi accross to St Jean - taxi numbers in the CSJ guide or on the noticeboard of the hotel next to the Monastery.


Buen Camino

Hi, Judy,
Another option, which is likely a lot cheaper, would be to take a bus from Bilbao to Hendaye (looks like there are two daily, one at 7:30 a.m., one at 13:00) -- that's about two hours. Then from Hendaye to St. Jean, you can take a train (changing in Bayonne). That's another two hours. I'm not sure about how the connections between bus and train would work in terms of time. You can find Spanish bus schedules at, and the French rail has a website that will give you schedules, etc in English. I believe their website is

The taxi from Roncesvalles to St. Jean is a little pricey, I can't remember exactly, but I believe it's above 70E.

Buen Camino. Laurie
Thanks Laurie, John and seems flying to Bilbao was not the best idea. We are flying into Madrid before going to Bilbao. I see there are many posts on getting from there to SJPP. I'll look at that but I'd hate to miss the Guggenheim.
Hi Judy & Bonnie:
Re. getting from Roncesvalles to SJPP

Caroline Aphessetche is a delightful and effervescent Basque woman who runs the Express Burricot taxi (it's a travel van with lots of room for gear). We used her service in August to get from SJPP to Roncesvalles, but she will drive you the other way, or anywhere in the general area for about 10 euros per person. You can contact her by phone at 06-61-96-04-76 or book ahead by e-mail:

Getting to SJPP by train

If I were you, I would go from Bilbao to Bayonne by train or bus and then take the local train to SJPP, to preserve the excitement of arriving in Roncesvalles without having already seen it.
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