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currently walking with my new Z poles. Even after watching the video and reading the instructions I am having trouble getting the right one to snap into position. It is as if the part that you extend from the handle will not pull out quite far enough. If you have had a similar problem and can offer a possible solution I would love to hear from you. It is not a matter of brute strength. Meanwhile even shorter is is offering stability.
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There is a screw adjustment in the cord that joins the bottom and middle section. If you pull these sections as far apart as possible, you will expose this, and you can adjust it until the button clicks into place. Try small adjustments to lengthen the cord rather than big ones, and don't make the button too tight. It is easier to collapse the pole if there is a bit of space. On my wife's poles, I leave about a mm of clearance.
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Doug is correct. With the poles apart, there is a collar with the blue (?) silicon connector in one of the sections. This is the tension adjuster for the snap-together system.

Adjust it by hand (no tools) one way or the other, A LITTLE AT A TIME, to achieve the tension you desire.

As you walk, slack can creep into the fit. It evinces itself by the poles making a very slight clicking noise at you walk along. This sound is most evident on hard, paved or solid stone surfaces.

Fix this condition by following the above advice on tightening the tension. But do so just a little bit at a time. Over-tension is as bad as under-tension.

Hope this helps too, in addition to Doug’s excellent advice.


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On a different note be aware that although the Z poles pass through USA security and Dublin security, even London folded in your backpack those security people in Santiago will not let them through and you will have to check them. I had covered my poles and put them on each side of the pack inside. At least they weren't lost or damaged being checked in only a plastic bag secured with duct tape.
I was surprised when changing planes in Dublin a woman walked on the plane carrying regular heavy poles. Go figure
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