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I have been using standard leather boots with goretex for all the walking (cross country, mountains and roads/tracks) I have done so far however my current much loved pair is ending its live and I shall need to replace them before I do the Camino next year. I have been recommended MBT boots (Masai Boot Technology) but before I buy a pair (they are not cheap) I wondered if anybody has experience of them and in particular would they be suitable for the camino frances?
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Time of past OR future Camino
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Hi - I've been looking at the MBTs as well. Not quite convinced about their suitability for the camino, especially the downhill parts. A couple of people have reported that their toes got jammed into the front of the boot on downhill sections. Have a look at the forum:

Good luck!



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Time of past OR future Camino
Suffice it to say I haven't yet stopped walking
I have a pair of MBT shoes, but have stopped wearing them. As I have aged I have the pleasure acquiring knees that ache and become sore after walking or exercising. The MBT shoe was recommended to me, but after attempting to wear them for several months I just stopped. My knees were far more painful than normal.

The MBT may be an excellent shoe for others, but it is not a shoe/boot that will work for everyone. They are pricey. If you are going to purchase them, clarify that the store has a good return policy. If you are not absolutely sold on them after wearing them a short time, take them back and then go down and buy from a host of other brands that are also excellent choices for less money.

Walk gently, but in as much comfort as possible.



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Time of past OR future Camino
Frances(2005), VDLP(2007), Madrid(2009), Ingles(2009), Sur (2011), VDLP(2011)-partial, VDLP(2014)
Michael - Thanks for that heads-up. My knees are not great either and they always need acupuncture and physio before and after each camino. I currently have the most knee-friendly boots I have ever owned, so I think I'll pass on the MBTs, and save that chunk of money. Others really love them, however, so whatever helps your journey. :)



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Time of past OR future Camino
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After walking in New Balance All Terrain shoes, HiTec boots and in a pair of sandals, I have gone back to the Hi Tec Waterproof V-Lite with the Vibram sole. They are lightweight, comfortable and give my skinny ankles just the right support.
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