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Bordeaux to SJDPP


New Member
Hey all -

I am hoping someone can advise us on the best -- fastest and least costly -- way to get from Bordeaux to SJDPP. We are flying into Bordeau, staying there one night, and hope to get to SJDPP as early as possible the next day.

The train routes we have found on Eurorail and like sites all go through Bayonne, have layovers of at least a couple of hours, and are more expensive than we budgeted for.

1. Are there trains and/or buses that go directly from Bordeaux to SJDPP? Do they have navigable websites or should we wait to arrange transport until we get there?

2. Can you share cost estimates on this route?

I'm so excited -- we leave in less than four days!

Thank you and BUEN CAMINO!

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I am not sure what date you will be traveling but I found this when I did a search. l Hope you enjoy your time in Bordeaux. We fell in love with it.



14h53 - 14h53> 15h07 via BAYONNE
08515 2nd class Off peak - Reservation required
Journey time: 03h07
15h07 - BAYONNE

16h20 - 16h20> Null via ST JEAN PIED DE PORT
67335 2nd class No reservation required

Journey time: 03h07

34.20 € REGULAR FARE. : Exchangeable and Refundable.


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I also tried an earlier train and it is less. I don't know what your age is but there seems to be a discount if you are over 60.

Attention, reservations are compulsory for certain journeys in this list

Leaving on jeudi 20/09 between 08h07 and 13h13 - total price for 1 passenger
Leaving at 08h07 10h47 13h13
Best price 22.60 € 25.80 € 25.80 €
Journey time: 05h09 05h33 03h07

See the following trains

Choose the price you want and confirm the outward journey


09h49 - 09h49> 12h03 via BAYONNE
67115 2nd class No reservation required
Journey time: 05h09
12h03 - BAYONNE

13h16 - 13h16> Null via ST JEAN PIED DE PORT
67301 2nd class No reservation required

Journey time: 05h09

15.10 € SENIOR CARD 50% : Non exchangeable and non refundable ticket after departure. Hold a Card Senior.
15.00 €

22.60 € DISCOVERY SENIOR : Non exchangeable and non refundable ticket after departure. Over 60 years.

30.10 € REGULAR FARE. : Exchangeable and Refundable.

Voyagez en première classe !

22.60 € SENIOR CARD 50% : Non exchangeable and non refundable ticket after departure. Hold a Card Senior.

33.90 € DISCOVERY SENIOR : Non exchangeable and non refundable ticket after departure. Over 60 years.

Vous pouvez indiquer vos préférences de placement dans le train :



Active Member
Well, you are long-gone by now, but just in case someone else is curious...

I took the fast train from Paris CDG to Bordeaux because I wanted to visit the city (I like wine - hence my nickname on this board). I spent 3 days there mentally prepping for the Way, along with buying some last-minute equipment. I liked it - lots of nice cafes, and the people were generally friendly (trying to speak French to them helps a lot in that regard).

On the morning of my departure, I walked down to the train station and bought a ticket to Bayonne. I went back to my hotel, checked out, walked (well, actually ran, because I was cutting it kind of close) back to the station, and I was on my way.

I stayed in Bayonne for a day because it looked like an interesting place - and it was quite nice (plus I bought a poncho and some light fingerless gloves at a large outdoor store there). The next morning, I did the same thing as in Bordeaux - walked to the train station, bought a ticket to St. Jean, and was soon on my way.

The cost for both trains wasn't too expensive. Bottom line, it was no problem getting from Bordeaux to St. Jean by train.

HOWEVER - if you go directly from Bordeaux to St. Jean - or even from Bayonne to St. Jean - and expect to start walking that same day - well, you'd better leave really early in the morning. My guidebook, along with the folks in the St. Jean pilgrim office, recommend not to start from St. Jean after 10AM. I got to the center of town at around 11AM, so I ended up staying the night. St. Jean is worth a day if you can spare it. :arrow:
Thank you vinotinto and Artemus for your important inputs. This topic will not go out of date and for most pilgrims arriving from English speaking countries they would arrive in Paris as the first stop from their international flights, so would others from South America, Asia,etc. Your helpful straightforward details of how to leave from Paris to arrive in SJDP is a practical classic and deserves to be put on a sticky note on this forum.

I would add that your other comments on allocating a bit of time to see Paris and Bordeaux needs serious consideration, too often I read in this forum of pilgrims rushing with the single track objective of getting to the "starting line' on "time", this becomes their top priority. It seems a pity that after circumventing half way round the world not to pause a few days to let the spirit (as well as the body) settle, and take in some cultural niceties in France, and Spain as well, before joining in the Camino.

Grandpa Joe
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Joseph Chan said:
Thank you vinotinto and Artemus for your important inputs.

No problema ;-) By the way, I forgot to mention that I bought my pilgrim credencial at the Bordeaux tourist office in the train station for about 6 euros (they also gave me my first stamp). The French credencial was kind of unique compared to what others had on the Way. The Camino has a history in Bordeaux, as evidenced by the scallop sticker on the tourist office window, and scallop-adorned plaques with historical info on other sites in the city, such as the main square and a cathedral or two as well. So it really got me in the pilgrimage mood to hang out there for a couple of days.

There is actually a walking route from Bordeaux to St. Jean, and I considered taking it. The helpful man at the tourist office even showed me the Way out of the city. However, I lacked a decent guide for that route, and I didn't want to take an unnecessary chance, so I aborted that idea in favor of beginning in St. Jean. :arrow:

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