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sid gustafson

Caballerango y Jinete, Veterinario y Novelista
Camino(s) past & future
El bucardo esta extinto.
I was disheartened to see the Pyrenean ibex went missing from our planet this century despite attempts to subsequently clone this now extinct strain of ibex. It appears the Pyrenean bear may be next.
If anyone has any pictures of uno bucardo while hiking the Camino before 2001, please post them up.
St James is the patron saint of veterinarians and horsefolk, so I am interested in the wild and domestic animals along the way. I understand there will be raptors (possibly the quebrantahuesos—lammergeier or bearded vulture—back from the brink of extinction) and that the endangered Iberian lynx, now plentiful wolves, other species of ibex could be seen. It is said reintroduced bears are possible.
Any animal information is appreciated.
What about those alleged wild horses of the Pyrénées?
Buen Camino,
Sid G


Rick of Rick and Peg

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Camino(s) past & future
Camino Frances, 2015
There is still hope. Decades ago I took a wildlife management course. We had to write a paper on endangered animals. Peregrine falcons and bald eagles were choices for some. I wrote about the black-footed ferret, thought extinct. I've since had Peregrine falcons and bald eagles visit for awhile in my yard in a Boston suburb and the government now rents black-footed ferrets to ranchers to manage pesky prairie dogs.

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