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The big map o the Caminos de Santiago


My partner and I are going to start walking from Pamplona to Santiago de Compostella at the beginning of August this year. Can anyone give us an estimate of how much we should be budgeting per day for our trip? I'm sure this question has come up before and I'm sure that there's a lot of different opinions but it would be nice to hear a few people's advice...

I would say 30 euros each for day ...

Because in august many people thinks everything can be a bit more expensive ...
Because Navarra is more than expensive than normal in the Camino ...
Because albergues are more expensive than two years ago ...
And because ... I don't know, but you will spend it.

But don't worry about, it's not expensive at all. Don't worry about and enjoy your Camino.

Buen Camino,

Javier Martín
Madrid, Spain


I concur with "approx" 30e daily. In the long run it depends on ur lifestyle and how u choose to do ur Camino. A cc will help, lots of atm. Best, xm 8)


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The 1 euro per km,(per person),estimate ,seems to tie in with the above,
give or take a euro,(or km!!).....Buen Camino,Les


Well, estimates per kilometers, spending habits, daily amounts, lifestyles, etc., r all approximations that give an idea. As suggested, take a cc, just in case :wink: Best, xm
Thanks for the speedy replies guys - it seems that 30 euros per day is the consensus. I'll be sure to check the other links that were suggested as well.


What is guaranteed is that you will spend more than you expect and won't be able to work out where it went!


Does anyone in the States know if the donations we give at albergues r tax deductible (this is a serious one, guys). It just occured to me. Would appreicate any info. Best, xm 8)


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The albergues definitely get cheaper the further you go, I agree, Javier.

once you're in Castillo y Leon, costs noticably nose dive.


Javier, that may be technical and arguable, particularly if the albergue belongs to a recognized institution like the CSJ and can be documented precisely as a donation. You may find this interesting: just found out that for US IRS standards, acc to my CPA, if donations are given and documented to a establish world-wide institution, point in case a church, they may be declared as deductions. Best, xm 8)

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