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Burgos vs. Leon- where to begin??


New Member
Hi everyone!

I will be embarking upon my first camino this July. I have the whole month to walk, although I'd like to be in SdC from the 24th-25th to enjoy the feast day celebrations, and intend to continue to Finisterra...

So where would you suggest I start?

Thanks in advance! :mrgreen:


j maguire

New Member
Hi Larissa,
You did not say when in July you were going to start walking.............. However you should have no problem in reaching Santiago from Burgos if you leave on July 1st.

Buen Camino


New Member
I will probably start walking on July 3. I've been basing all of my calculations on the assumption that I will be covering an average of 20km per I way off??


Active Member
I think 20km a day is about average, of course it depends as everyone is different but I think most people comfortably manage 20km probably..

If you are starting in Burgos then I would take at least a day or so to look around the city. I know I only had an afternoon there and it looked very interesting and I'd wished I'd taken more time to look around! :)


Active Member
Of course there is another option such as starting in Burgos and, if you are at all pressed for time, skipping part of the trip, such as between Sahagun and Leon. I have to admit that I don't have too many good memories of that section.

I think that the Burgos to Leon section is a love or hate thing. We did it in August 2008. It is hot at that time of the year, so our strategy was to set off just before sunrise and get most of the walking done by early afternoon before it got really hot. We were also blessed with a slight breeze on the days that we had to walk longer (it is dead flat so you can walk for ages). I loved this section. The wide open vistas were amazing. The sky seemed to go on forever. I spent this section either have great conversations with amigos del camino or just totalling zoning out (like meditating while walking). I have a stressful job, so the ability to just think of nothing but the sun, the sky, the vistas and the breeze was great. On the other hand, I know many people who hated this section. They found it too hot and too boring. So, you need to think about what what would rock your boat. It took us 6 days to go from Burgos to Leon. Day 1: Burgos to Hontanas (30 km) (note: Hontanas is lovely); Day 2: Hontanas to Fromista (35km); Day 3: Fromista to Calzadilla de la Cueza (37km) (note: we probably should have stayed in Carrion de los Condes); Day 4: Calzadilla de la Cueza to Bercianos (32km); Day 5 Bercianos to Mansilla de las Mulas (27km); Day 6: Mansilla to Leon (18.5). We started off in France, so we were pretty fit by the time we hit this section of the Camino and by this time we had posted back anything that wasn't absolutely necessary, so our packs were light. I wouldn't recommend doing long days like these if you were starting off and your body isn't used to it. What I can highly recommend is the peregrino foot ointment which we bought in the Alberge in Fromista. This stuff is magic!


New Member
Thank you everyone for your contributions!

I think I've resolved the Burgos vs. Leon dilemma- I'm going to do both!

I'll take the bus from Madrid to Burgos (really want to visit the cathedral! :mrgreen: ), spend the night, then get on a bus to Leon the next day. My camino will begin July 3rd from Leon!

Thanks again to my fellow pilgrims for the words of wisdom- you've helped enormously!!



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