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Bus and Taxi Availability/Cost for Short Distances between Leon and Santiago

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Hello! This is my first post and first attempt at the Camino this summer. I have been moved by the generous response and consideration represented on this forum. It is beautiful that pilgrims from all over the world share there experiences and advice here.

Two friends and I are planning on beginning in Leon, Spain and walking an average of 10 miles a day for three weeks to Santiago.

My predicament is that I am recovering from a sprained ankle (torn tendon and ligament from a motorcycle accident) which has not fully healed. The podiatrist recommended I formulate a plan B if I have pain during the first three miles each day. The plan B would look like busing/taxiing ahead ten miles to the whatever town is the destination for that day.

What are the bus routes/taxi availability along this part of the Camino?
Would I have the flexibility to catch one most anywhere depending on my foot's pain?

I am also open to a Plan C involving a mule or a horse if it's feasible and doesn't cost too much. :)

Thanks for the help!



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For buses, you can click on the bus icons in Google Maps for route and schedule information. Searching on the internet can be quite time consuming. From Leon, most sections have parallel bus routes. The exception is remote villages and most of the section from Astorga to Ponferrada.

For taxis, it can be difficult to find one mid-section. Any bar will call for one, but you might have to wait. It is easiest to catch a taxi in the morning leaving an albergue, and take it to the point where you are sure that you can reach your destination. Some of the baggage services also transport people (Correos not included). Check with your hospitalero.
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Charles, there's a very good thread called Public Transport Along the Camino Francés. It's in the Forum section "Pilgrim topics related to all routes." Then click on Traveling to/from the Camino and scroll down to find it. It's very helpful to get you started, with the names and some schedules of the local bus companies.

I developed some serious knee issues and ended up taking a taxi a couple times. They ain't cheap! But prices appeared to be regulated. And when you can't put weight on you leg..... :mad:

Anyway, I think it was 20€ from Astorga to Rabanal; 30€ from Foncebadón to Molinaseca. There is a bus from Fonfria to Triacastela, but not on weekends, when I was there. Taxi is 5€ per person.

Taxi phone numbers are posted everywhere, although I had the hospitalero call for me. Good luck to you! I hope none of this is needed, but it always helps to be prepared. Buen Camino!
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Generally, taxis along the Camino Frances cost about one euro per kilometer. I have used them when I needed to cover 25 km, but could only manage 18 - 19 on my own. Then I head for a bar and axk them to call a taxi to take me to (town).

Sometimes there is only a single bus daily. At other times, and depending on where you are, there may even be a train that stops at all the local places, each town. But, you need to remain flexible.

Hope this helps.

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