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Bus booking


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I’m trying to book bus tickets from Pamplona to SJPP in May 2020. Presently Jan 2020. But I can’t book any. Is the ticketing restricted to a certain number of days before bus departs?


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Yes, I think so, maybe the schedule is not set yet. I will book train tickets in June, but it is not possible as well.


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This is not something you need to worry about yet. The buses don't even run in the winter. You can buy your ticket on-board, or a few days before.
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You should be able to reserve seats on line approx 3 months prior. You can reserve via ALSA or Omio websites.
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Is the ticketing restricted to a certain number of days before bus departs?
Yes. Not only ticketing but you can't even see the schedule even when it has already been set. You can't see anything further out than x number of days. I think x=60.

Roughly the ALSA/CONDA schedule has been:

Jan No service
Feb No service
Mar 14:30
Apr 14:30 17:30
May 14:30 17:30
Jun 10:00 14:30 17:30
Jul 10:00 12:00 14:30 17:30
Aug 10:00 12:00 14:30 17:30
Sep 10:00 14:30 17:30
Oct 14:30 17:30
Nov No service
Dec No service

The ALSA website in English is at URL https://www.ALSA.es/en/ and the CONDA schedules are incorporated there. Besides getting the schedule CONDA tickets can be bought online ahead of time from the ALSA website as well.

Note 1: When using the ALSA website to book transportation to St. Jean Pied de Port you must spell out St. in full as Saint or the town will not be found.

Note 2: ALSA does not load its full schedule into the website all at once. I think they publish the schedule only for the next two months. This means that if you try to book a trip through the website for a date later in the year (e.g., trying to book an October 2020 trip in July 2020) the schedule may not be found. This also means that during the winter months the website will make it look as if there is no service at all.

Note 3: ALSA may refuse to accept non-Spanish issued credit cards. In that case the tickets can be paid for using PayPal. Alternatively they could be bought from a reseller.

Note 4: CONDA has a webpage with a schedule. Do not trust this schedule. The last time I checked it had the 2015 schedule. When the webpage is served up it is labelled at the bottom with the date that the webpage was served (not the creation date or date of validity) thus making the information appear to be current. This page is at http://www.CONDA.es/eventos.php?tipo=3&id=438


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Just a tip - I've found that when booking train or bus tickets in Spain that it's easier to download the app from the relevant company. It's usually formatted better for use on your phone, and will be in English (or the language of your choice) without having to select a language.

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