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Hike 30+ miles on California’s Santa Catalina Island as part of the Catalina Camino
You will find a timetable here:

06:45 07:15 Lugo-Sarria-Monforte (Hospital)
08:30 09:04 Lugo-Sarria
10:35 11:09 Lugo-Sarria-Monforte
12:00 12:34 Lugo-Sarria-Monforte (Enlace Quiroga)
12:45 13:21 Lugo-Sarria-Monforte-Quiroga-O Barco (Enlace en Monforte)

13:45 14:15 Lugo-Sarria-Monforte (Hospital)
13:45 14:21 Lugo-Sarria-Monforte-Quiroga-O Barco (Enlace en Monforte)
15:20 15:54 Lugo-Sarria-Monforte (Enlace Quiroga)
15:50 16:24 Lugo-Sarria-Monforte
17:30 18:04 Lugo-Sarria-Monforte-Quiroga-O Barco
17:30 18:05 Lugo-Sarria-Pedrafita do Cebreiro
18:35 19:09 Lugo-Sarria-Monforte
20:00 20:34 Lugo-Sarria-Monforte
20:45 21:15 Lugo-Sarria-Monforte (Hospital)
22:00 22:34 Lugo-Sarria
22:30 23:04 Lugo-Sarria

I was looking for this too. Is this the only bus company that runs from lugo to Sarria? Also, does the timing vary (from day to day, season to season) cos the website is in Spanish, and unfortunately, i don't understand Spanish.

Alternatively, is it possible to start my camino from Lugo instead of Sarria?

If you look on the timetable, it says "Hasta el" & then underneath is a date. (day/month/year), so presumably that is the bus schedule until December 31. Lunes-Viernes (Monday through Friday), Domingo = Sunday, Sabado = Saturday; often you'll seen Miercoles indicated as "X", as in LMXJV (again, Mon-Fri). Another phrase you'll see on Spanish bus & train routes is "dias laborales"--I had to look that up once & it means work days, so M-F. Salida = leave; Llegada=arrive.

I found this information by going to the website & clicking on Trajectos & Horarios, then sussing out my way from there. :D

I think with this many departures, there might be more buses that travel this route, but they're not online yet. It looks like there's a bus every day during the week almost every hour; on the weekends, & especially Sunday, there are less buses.


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