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Occupancy in the network of hostels during the first quarter of 2010, reached the highest figure in the last six years, with a total of 30,893 overnight stays between January and March this year.

As stated in the Xunta, this exceeded by 19 percent the overnight stays in the same period of 2004, the last Holy Year, and nearly doubled those recorded in the first quarter of 2009.

Also, in the last three months there was "significant competition" for pilgrims, as the network of shelters had an average occupancy of 18.9 percent compared to 15.8 percent in 2004 and 9.4 percent of same period last year.

The largest number of overnight stays were recorded in French Way, 2.9 percent more overnight stays in the first quarter than in the previous Holy Year, since it went from 20,453 in 2004 to 21,056 in 2010. In relation to 2009 the increase was 81 per cent on this route.

Other roads

The data of the SA Xestión do Xacobeo Plan also reflect an increase in the influx of pilgrims on the other ways. Specifically, the Camiño Fisterra Muxía increased from 953 in 2004 to 1667 overnight stays in 2010; the Norte recorded in the previous 714 walkers in front of Holy Year 1153 between January and March 2010 and passed the Via de la Plata’s 861 pilgrims 2257 this year.

The Portuguese way pilgrims - 2377 in 2004 to 3576 in 2010; the Primitive Way 732 registered walkers this year compared with 201 of the first quarter of 2004 and The English Way pilgrims increased from 310 in 2004 to 452 this year.

Regarding the degree of occupancy of the shelters, Fisterra-Muxía Camiño recorded in the first three months of the year by 22.8 percent, the French Way, 22.5 percent, the Portuguese Way, 19.5 percent, the Primitive Way, 12.2 percent; the Via da Prata, 11.1 percent, the English Way, 10.6 percent and do Norte Camiño recorded an average occupancy of 8.2 percent .
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MMmmm? I think there is a difference between the number of Compostelas (or pilgrims) and the number of overnight stops.
One pilgrim walking through Galicia could have 10 overnight stops in albergues.
According to silvia_nilsen as noted on Santiagobis,
"EL Correo Gallego reports that 8685 Compostelas were issued during the first
quarter of this year - 40% more than in the 2004 Holy Year and 65% higher than
the figures recorded in 2009. If the trend continues numbers will 'break the
roof' of the 179,944 users recorded in the previous Jubilee Year. On Friday the
Pilgrims' Office were handing out one compostela per minute."

Thanks to Silvia for this information.

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