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Café Buen Camino - Mexico city


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You can’t usually meet lots of Mexican (or Mexican based) pilgrims in the Camino, but probably you have noticed that there are always some. I remember a day in the Pequeño Potala in Ruitelan, where casually there were four or us, we met some Texan fellows who liked “rancheras” and the night ended with an enthusiastic (and very off key) rendition of “Yo sigo siendo el rey” –but I digress.
So, there are many former and future Camino pilgrims in Mexico city (I know four or five), but we have been scattered, without a place to meet and talk about our plans, experiences and exchange stories.
Until (probably) now.
Some days ago, when I was driving, I noticed with the corner of my eye a cafe named “Buen Camino”, and a sign with a yellow arrow. An odd coincidence? Maybe; I was skeptical at first.
The city’s life is so hectic that I let the matter rest. But I finally googled it, found some pictures of the place, and discovered that it is actually a Camino-theme cafe. Profiting from the quiet days of end of year, I made a visit. It is a little place, with a sketchy map and images of Frances in the main wall (I liked it) and a panel with photos and memorabilia. The current owner, a Spanish lady, told me that the idea was from its antecessor, but she kept the theme and the spirit. She told me also that a group of pilgrims meet there, once in a month. I am not particularly into the “post Camino sociability”, but maybe I will pay them a visit. It would be nice to share some moments with people with the same passion.
The café is in Félix Parra 165, San José Insurgentes, CP 03900; tel 55 6390 2253. It is in a quite pleasant neighborhood; a five minutes’ walk from Metrobus José María Velasco and ten minutes from Metro Barranca del Muerto. If you are a car driver, take notice that this is a parking meter area,

Cafe Buen Camino exterior.jpgCafe Buen Camino wall2.jpgCafe Buen Camino panel.jpg
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Grew up in Mexico City in the Sixties, left shortly after the tragedia of the Plaza de los Tres Culturas de Tlatelolco, hope to visit once more before I die -- and will certainly look this place up! :) Thanks!

Y feliz Navidad!

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In 1979 we drove through Mexico City on our way to Oaxaca to deliver a generator to a missionary doctor. He told us to drive our motorhome through that huge city at 4:00am to avoid the chaos (I think it was one of the largest cities in the world at that time). I couldn't believe how the streets were still alive with activity at such an hour!


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Thank you for posting this! I live in the Satélite area, but I just might check that place out one of these days. Do you happen to know when those monthly meetings are, @Felipe ?


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Folks, just to comment that I went to the last meeting of "Asociación Mexicana de Amigos del Camino", in the "Café Buen Camino". About 20 people, former of futur pilgrims. Friendly people, good atmosphere, many stories about past walks, some good projects. It felt almost as the after dinner talk in an albergue.
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