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Cameras or Camcorders


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Good evening all

In my preparation for the camino in August / September, I am looking to buy a camera or a camcorder. I am curious about the other pilgrims choices for cameras or camcorders. I prefer a small size camera / camcorder (think of the weight )

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In my humble opinion, a small digital camera will serve you best. A SD card can capture over 500 pictures, and AA batteries are available everywhere.

You don't need special equipment or software to edit your pictures, most computer come with the software already installed. Just don't show anyone the photos you cull out, while editing video is a profession itself. Photos can be on your desktop, in memory books and enlarged for your walls. Videos are more limited.

My best suggestion is to buy the camera now and take lots of practice pictures. With digital, it won't really cost you much of anything and a good camera is about $100 US$. My photo instructor in High School had us shoot a roll of film in our bath room, just to learn what makes a good picture. Go to your local library, take a class. Get comfortable with the camera. And learn what makes a good picture and what you like.

While I have lots of camera gear, the camera you have with you, is better than anything at home. The camera really doesn't matter. It's you and your eye.

My Nikon CoolPix, a compact point and shoot camera, fit in my front pocket and was with me everywhere I went while on the Camino.

As you can tell, my bias is toward pictures vs. video, but figure out what works best for you.

Buen Camino. Jerry


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I would suggest a camera that has video capability. There are scenes you will encounter that a single picture will not be enough; a slow pan is very effective.

I agree with Roger...a small digitial camera with video capability will work perfectly....remember that the video clip will use up space on your camera's might want to take a 2 gb or a few spare 1 gb cards to use just for video.

I took a 5 minute video of the Botafumeiro in Santiago....using my compact digitial camera...I think the quality is great....check it out at..

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I third and fourth that.
The lighter the weight, the better.
Also, you'll want it secure in your fanny pack, so make it small.
Olympia makes some nice inexpensive ones.
You can get the photos put on disk in most larger cities along the way, then either mail them home or carry them.
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A Spanish fellow-pilgrim carried a camcorder on a tripod. He stopped everywhere to tape, so probably took in more than the rest of us combined, and became very good friends with other pilgrims while he constantly photographed them. If that is your Camino, don't be deterred.


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Hi all

Thanks for the info. What i was looking for is a lightweight camcorder for myself, My partner will be having a camera to take still pictures.
In our last camino, the camera pictures were good but the video of the bottafumeiro was a bit grainy.
Hope this time we could get a good video for our memories.


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