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I am setting of for st jean next week and wanted to know if anyone has any idea how busy it will be?? I know with it being a holy year higher numbers are expected... I walked last year in august which was busy however managed to get a bed every night !!(prob due to starting very early!!)

Any help would be great !!

:D :D
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Hola - I think that will also be the case in May. Numbers remain relatively low at the moment although double the same period last year. But at the moment on the routes pilgrims are reporting that there are plenty of beds available.

Buen Camino!



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I am looking forward to going .. last year that was my biggest fear not getting a bed but i know we will manage somehow if we cant get into albergues!! It always seems to work out somehow :D


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I´ve had to slow my pace down a bit, but have not had problems getting a bed. I´m a day or two from Burgos, depending on if I bus part of it. Still having foot problems, possible acute plantar fasciitis. Good times.

There are lots of people on the Camino, people seem to be in good spirits, and despite my foot problems I am having the time of my life!


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Hi renegadepilgrim

Thanks for replying .. i go between being excited and nervous its good to hear everyone is in good spirits!! i hope your feet get better !!

Buen camino!!

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Sorry to hijack your thread elsee :lol: Can I just ask those who know what the crowds will be like in June/July time. Presumably that's when it will get REALLY crowded. But thats when I'm going anyhoo!


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I just finished the Camino Friday. The few places we saw real crowds were O Ciebrero, Triacastilla, and Santiago. The worst for us was Santiago. It took me a couple of hours Thursday to find a room for one night. Then on Friday I spent a few more hours finding a place for a second day stay. I think a number of issues were at play in Santiago over and above pilgrim traffic, but needless to say if it gets crowded there it will take you some work and money to get lodging.



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Yes, even last year we found O Cebreiro & Triacastilla were the 2 most difficult places (in May) to get a bed.

My advice would be get into both early. Which is a bit harder with O Cebreiro because of the climb, but it is way worth the effort to get there early, not only for a bed but time to enjoy it.

Triacastilla, well that's another story, get there ealry to get a bed, There's supposedly more bed's there than O Cebreiro but somehow the crowd multiplies on the way down the hill.

There are a couple of option just before Triacastilla you might check every opportunity along the way.

However, don't be fearful, even the difficult spots seem to work out OK. In Triacastilla we ended up getting a Taxi to a bed in a rural area, taxi driver came and picked us up the next morning and dropped us off at the same spot in Triacastilla, 7 euros each way. It will sort itself out somehow.

Buen Camino


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