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Camino del Salvador (Leon to Oviedo)


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As I mentioned in another post, Javier emailed me a journal account of the walk from Leon to Oviedo. I have done my best to translate it into English and will be happy to send it to anyone who posts here and requests a copy. I also have the Spanish version, which I would be happy to send as well. My translation is about 9 single spaced pages, much shorter than the original b/c I left out parts about the rain, the chats with people on the way, the interaction among the three peregrinos, etc. I've done my best, but some of the geographical terms were not in any dictionary.

I believe I read somewhere that this forum will soon allow posting documents, and I'll be happy to post it when that feature is activated.

For those of us who love the Camino Frances but would also like to try something new, this gives a way to do both. Walk the Frances till Leon, from Leon go to Oviedo (5 days), from Oviedo to Melide on the Primitivo(11 days), and then you're back on the Frances!

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I am hoping to do this route from 16 September and would be most grateful if you could send the English and Spanish documents by enail to info at (Please replace the at)


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Hi, tobeapilgrim,
I have tried to email you the document in English. (I think it is also posted directly on this forum's site somewhere). I can't find the Spanish version from which I did the translation, but maybe Javier Martin, who originally sent it to me, can find it and send it to you. I'm going to be in touch with him soon and will mention it to him. In fact, Javier and I will be starting out from Leon on September 27, so any reactions or tips you have would be very much appreciated! Laurie


New Member
I walked this Camino in late September 2008.

There are two new albergues, one at Buza 46 km. from Leon, and the second, opened in August 2008, at the village of Pajares, 7km or so past the Puerto de Pajares, the high point of the Camino.

The waymarking is good to very good all the way to Buiza and a little beyond, and also beyond the village of Pajares. There are some useful diagrammatic maps on the Asociación Astur-Leonesa
site at and they also have a link to Google maps which, if you are intending to avoid a lot of walking on the N630 by taking the Pobladura de la Tercia route, you will need to study quite careufully since it is completely unmarked on the ground. The route which is marked on the ground, but not on the map, goes through Rodiazmo and joins the N630 at Villanuevo de la Tercia. There is a restaurant with rooms (around 25 euros) 2 km. south

Stories that there are places to stay near the summing, eight at Arbas or Puerto de Pajares appear to be completely without foundation. The parador at the Puerto has been shut for years.

We will be adding the photographs of this route to the website sometime in the next year, but in the meanwhile, I would be happy to let anyone who is interested have a look at them.

There are very few pilgrims on this route (the Pajares refugio has had an average of 30 pilgrims a month so far) but it is a really nice walk, and, given better waymarking over the high section, would be even better.

It is a very good walk through some stunning

Javier Martin

Veteran Member
I'm sorry, tobeapilgrim, I didn't see he message where Laurie ask me to send you the spanish version. I've read now your last message.

did you stay in the new albergue in Buiza? Is there any services in this so little town or you need to carry your dinner and breakfast from La Pola de Gordon?

Hope you've enjoyed your last experience

Buen Camino,

Javier Martin
Madrid, Spain.
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Kevin F. O*brien

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Past OR future Camino
2002-2019 Via Podiensis, Camino Frances, Via de la plata, Camino del Norte, Camino Primitivo, etc.
Re: Camino del Salvador Etapa 1 and 2

Hello all and Laurie especially. One or two comments about the Salvador in addition to Tobeapilgrims notes from September. First, we recommend strongly that you arrive at Pola de Gordon the first day. Either walk the 36 km from the centre of Leon or take the bus through the somewhat soulless suburbs to Carvajal de Legua where you see the first arrows at the terminus.
From there it's only 28 km to Pola de Gordon
It's bus nr 12 from the Plaza de Sta. Domingo in the centre of Leon. We walked the suburbs and ended up stopping at La Robla where there are cheap hostals (28 euros for a double) and a lovely restaurant in the centre of the town. The disadvantage is that you then have a VERY long day to Pajares the next day. Nearly forty km, and 14 of it in sometimes heavy traffic on the N-630. Reach Pola de Gordon on the first day if you can. I agree with Tobea about the waymarking. Good to very good but the arrows take you to Rodiezmo. I saw a place where there was possibly a track on to Poladura de Tercia but there was no waymarking and we didn't want to start experimenting at 1800 metres.
There is a refugio at Buiza and people asked if we wanted the key. You might have to carry food from Pola de Gordon (4 km before) or there would surely be someone in the village who would help. We saw no Tienda but there must be one or a possibility of buying food because the village is quite large.
As mentioned, everything at Puenta de Pajares was closed on the pass/summit and we had a rough time on the highway getting down to Pajares, where there is a first class refugio with a lady called Marisa who is very kind and leaves out breakfast for everyone!
Weatherwise it was very good, but it is worth noting that we came down from Pajares Sunday the 27th of October in brilliant sunshine. On Monday they had a snowstorm.
There was no-one around at the refugio at Pola de Lena on that Sunday but the Policia Local at the Plaza Mayor just down the hill have the key and stamp and are very helpful.
Best to all,

Kevin and Kari

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