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Camino del Salvador & Primitivo in November (maybe Madrid also!)

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Hey everyone!
I wish there was a section on this forum for the combinations of multiple Camino routes. :)

Anyhow, I arrive in Barcelona on October 14th and I would like to hike the Camino del Salvador & the Camino Primitivo.
I anticipate it will take me about 15-16 days to complete Leon-Oviedo-Santiago. This would have me finishing early-November,

Originally I was going to take the train to Leon and start from there. I am now wondering if I have enough weather window to start first from Madrid (adding 12 or so days). I would be finishing in Santiago mid-November.

It is too dicey to add starting from Madrid? I suppose I could also train from Santiago to Madrid and complete that stretch afterwards. It would be nicer to walk continuously however!

Stripey Socks

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Hi there. I am planning the same combo in May/June next year. Are you going to blog? I would love to follow along. Sorry I can't provide any weather advice, but I understand snow may be a consideration at some of the higher altitudes and the weather can get pretty wild in the colder months. Buen camino, Mel
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Frances (14), Portuguese (15), Le Puy (17), Ingles (17), VDLP (18), Lana (18), Madrid (19) + more


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Would you prefer a continuous hike, but with the possibility of snow making parts of the Primitivo unsafe OR have a greater chance of getting to do ALL of it by doing Salvador/Primitivo first and then go back to Madrid (or even do Madrid in reverse). I did your ideal combo this time last year (finished at the end of October) and raced the snow which fell days after we had been at the highest point. Even your current proposed timing might be dicey - or this year might be different.


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Hi Sara
I’d be trying for /transport straight to Madrid -( then Camino Madrid to Sahagun)
/transport the CF section from Sahagun to Léon ( then walk Salvador-primitivo combo to Santiago .
You’d be there in November. I think the weather would be milder oct/nov ; than in feb (which you’ve walked before ).
Buen camino. - Annie
I’ll be watching your vlog ., I loved your Vdlp vlog

Davie Blisters

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Hey Sara, I thought you were still in the 'Dubois Vortex' 🤩
In June/July I completed the Madrid/Frances/Salvador/Primitivo combo and adored it. A great mix of social, historical, picturesque landscapes (oh and a few ups & downs.) I understand your concern regarding weather, particularly on the San Salvador and maybe the Hospitales. However, I can't see this being any worse than the Sierra's you faced in 2018. Maybe, as already suggested, a reverse Camino would overcome weather difficulties.
Whatever you decide, I'll be watching your channel.


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Hi Mel!

I will be video blogging daily on my YouTube Channel when I get started. I’ll post a daily video update provided I find wifi at the end of each stage.

Sara’s Hiking YouTube Channel
I watched your VDLP videos. Thanks for those. I especially liked that you made comments about albergues. I think they can be helpful.


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I am looking forward to seeing your videos of the three routes you are planning on doing this fall! I have done the Salvador and I have the primitivo on my to do list. I have been watching your continental divide videos and I prefer hiking to hostels with restaurants along the way! And bridges, lots of bridges. After you had to cross the same river 6 or more times in a day (oh and the day you fell through the snow into a creek) I understand now why you dance on bridges. Buen Camino!


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Just had a response. Ender says that usually there’s no problem through December. More of a problem in the early spring than in the late fall. There is a good Camino Salvador facebook page, and you can get real time responses very quickly once you are there to see if you need to change plans. But based on what he said, if it were me, I would start in Madrid as you want to, which is of course the opposite opinion of what I said earlier.
Camino(s) past & future
Frances (14), Portuguese (15), Le Puy (17), Ingles (17), VDLP (18), Lana (18), Madrid (19) + more
I appreciate the time everyone took to write a reply! Thank you very much! This forum is so wonderful. :)

I will follow Ender's advice and begin my Camino in Madrid. 🥳

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