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Going for Camino walk this Nov.
Hello... I am starting my Camiño Frances journey this Sat. I am on solo self guided trip. What application should I download and where can I buy the map? Thanks.
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Hi shinta_narulita!
Not walked the Frances yet but I used Wise Pilgrim app on my Portuguese last year and will use it on my Frances next year Wise Pilgrim has an app for each of the main Caminos. (found it very straightforward and easy to use)
Get it from Google play store or the Appstore has maps and Gps tracking also accommodation links and reviews, whatsapp links where available and notes on guidance along the way another good one is Buen Camino app. (i have both on my phone and tab)
If your leaving fromm SJPP i believe the Pilgrim office gives you info and a basic map of the route for free.
(I am sure others who have walked the Frances will give you a definite answer to this)
Have a wonderful walk
Buen Camino
The works on all platforms, the Windows desktop version is particularly good, but the smartphone versions are fine, and it is 100% free, including the offline maps and most Camino routes are marked on the map, plus most dirt roads in case you want to use a shortcut.
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Others above have mentioned the Wise Pilgrim and Buen Camino apps, which seem to be the most commonly recommended. Both come with map functions. For a while, Camino Ninja was giving them some good competition but sadly the person behind the app passed away and it seems to be discontinued. I use all of those, and also used Camino Pilgrim. They are inexpensive enough and I have enough room on my phone so that it isn't an issue. Then I can check them against each other.

Some like to use another mapping app and download the Camino routes to import into those apps. There are several sources for the Camino Routes to download including the Centro Nacional de Información Geográfica (CNIG): and a Dutch site run by camino enthusiasts. I like to import those routes into a Google map and add markers for recommended albergues, bars, restaurants, etc.

I also like to also carry Kindle copies of some guidebooks on my phone. The Brierley guides do not seem to be available in this format, but the abbreviated map books with maps and albergue listings are. The Village to Village guides and the Moon guide by Beebe Bahrani are available as e-books. The maps in these e-books aren't interactive like the apps, though. More importantly, The Pilgrimage Road to Santiago: The Complete Cultural Handbook by Gitlitz and Davidson is available as an e-book. It's information isn't in the other guides or apps.

Finally, there are some websites that can be useful for a self-guided trip. is probably the most frequently recommended of these. It is entirely in Spanish but your browser may translate it for you (my Chrome browser does).
While I initially resisted to download any more apps on my phone at the end Buen Camino proved to be a God-sent addition that made my life much easier (esp. leaving a given albergue in wee-hours of dawn and making sure you are indeed on the right track... just follow the yellow-colored road :))

When I was done with CF it was very easy and effortlessly to change to Camino Finisterre

The app does allow you to create your own stages and gives plenty of info of some side-things to see and do
Good Luck
Hello... I am starting my Camiño Frances journey this Sat. I am on solo self guided trip. What application should I download and where can I buy the map? Thanks.
While I did not use any apps, lots of my fellow pilgrims used Buen Camino and Camino Ninja. Buen Camino
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