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Camino Frances by Bike April 2023 (Looking for anyone interested in riding along)


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Time of past OR future Camino
French Route April 2023
Hello, I am looking for anybody interested in joining me April 2023. Start day is flexible. If your interested post me a message.

Route: Camino Frances
My plan now is to take as much of the walking route as possible but ride the road when available. This will leave the trail for the walkers. Right now as planned is about 16+ days but less than 20. So road bikes are not recommended.

A little about me,
In live in the South France, I ride a road bike most of the time, other times it is a city bike. I am using my city bike for this tour. It is my first Camino. Distance is no problem for me, but hills are not my best friend, so I want be fast up but will make it. I not in a hurry, so slowing down is ok with me. I have no set time schedule planned yet. But I do have a estimated route and would be willing tor share is someone is interested. I have two route, but both are real close to each other.

Note: If you don’t want to bring your bike, rentals through the Camino is possible!

About posting elsewhere, sorry I’m not in the US, so I don’t know the other places very well. This forum is about the Camino’s and those looking to complete a Camino will find it here or not.
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Time of past OR future Camino
Camino Frances May/June 2015, via the Atlantic Cycle Route
You may find that posting on a dedicated cycling forum will generate more replies.
Depending on your location you could try BikeForums in the US, CycleChat in the UK and CrazyGuyOnABike has a classifieds section for seeking riders.

It would also be helpful to state which route you plan to follow, starting point, and types of surfaces you prefer as well as an indication of daily distance/time to complete.

Good luck!

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