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Camino Ingles - distances

These are the distances of the Camino Ingles sections (measured on Google Earth):

Ferrol (old port) - Neda (Albergue) 13 km
Neda - Pontedeume 15 km
Pontedeume - Mino (Albergue) 10 km
Mino - Betanzos 11 km
Betanzos - Hospital de Bruma (Albergue) 26 km
Hospital de Bruma - Sigueiro 27 km
Sigueiro - Santiago 17 km


Peter Robins

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Thank you for that; it would be useful if you could produce a Google Earth file (kml) from it. Here's the distances for the Corunna branch, as measured on IGN maps:
Corunna - O Burgo (church of Santiago) 8km (a largely urban section along roads)
O Burgo - Bruma 23km
(from the airport is about the same as from O Burgo depending on whether you go north or south of the airfield itself to get from the terminal building to the route)
So, adding to your numbers, Corunna-Santiago 75km or ca 67km from the airport.


Nunca se camina solo
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Peter - I've pm'd you on this very subject - sorry I've only just noticed this post. As I explained there seems to be a serious discrepancy between the estimated distance between Betanzos and Hospital de Bruma and the reality of walking it!

It would be good to resolve this as I suspect the view of some that this stage is over 32 k might put people off!


Peter Robins

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The "official" Xacobeo distance is 28km
http://www.xacobeo.es/2006/index.asp?id ... a=3&int1=3

There are always discrepancies on different websites, as it depends on how you measure it. The more detailed the scale, the longer the measurement will be. Bill's estimate seems overlong. I don't know how either he or Pat and Francis for the CSJ guide measured it; there may well have been route changes since the latter.
I found my map book i used produced by concello de neda and has the following distances

Ferrol - Neda 12km
Neda = Pontedueme 13km
Pontdueme - Mino 10km
Mino- Betanzos 8Km
Betanzos - Leiro 14km
Leiro - Bruma 14km
Bruma - Ordes 14km
Ordes - Sigueiro 16Km
Sigueiro - Santiago 18Km



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