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Camino Ingles in February: Am I crazy?


New Member
I have walked almost all of the Camino from Roncevalles to Santiago. My two ventures were in September and July respectively. However, I am eager to experience a different route and a different experience. Is it foolish to walk the Camino Ingles in late February? I am comfortable with anticipated temperatures in the 50's(F). Are there any pitfalls of which I should be aware?


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Interesting question - am having similar thoughts - look forward to hearing any opinions !

Stephen Nicholls

Steve Nicholls, Suffolk, U.K.
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Are you crazy? Yep. Quite probably!
I would expect temperatures to be way below 50 F. In February the AVERAGE low is 39 degs F in Santiago, and I believe there will be colder temperatures on the higher grounds before SdC. In 1993 the lowest temperature in SdC dropped to 21 deg F.
But you'll be fine is you take layers [about 20] snow shoes, and an ice axe.
But don't let me put you off ...... enjoy!
Buen camino [muy frio]

P.S. It's each to his own really: I prefer more warmth and less rain so aim for early June. In fact, I'm walking the Ingles next June. Do let us know how you get on .....


I have walked the CI in January, early March and late November. I have never had a problem with the cold, it's more likely to be wet but who knows with the weather. I enjoyed it each time the only problem may be short day light hours especially if you plan to do Betanzos to Bruma in a day, I usually stay at Meson which adds another couple of km to the day. It will be very quiet.


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I"ll be walking it from Coruna in early February. I'll be wearing and carrying plenty of layers. Looking forward to it. Will report bwck if that helps.

Buen Camino!



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No major problems foreseeable... possibly quite wet, short days (particularly for Betanzos-Bruma), and since most of it is on tarmac or well compressed gravel, I would only foresee problems with mud on the hill after Julia's bar for one or two km.

If it is quiet enough in the summer, I would not imagine what it must be like in the winter... possibly quite cold in the albergues, like the one in Pontedeume with so much open space.

There is now another possible stage before Ferrol, following the coastline, that might be an interesting option too, I believe.

Buen camino!


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There is now another possible stage before Ferrol, following the coastline, that might be an interesting option too, I believe.
There is the possibility of walking around the headland from Covas to Ferrol, about 26km. I am planning to do that when I walk in April. I found a good description of this (in Spanish) on the web when I was researching this option.


New Member
I am going to do the Camino Frances in mid feb. People think I am nuts but I am prepared for all crazy outcomes!


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@dougfitz. At what Spanish website did you found the information.
Try to find Covas ,at 26 kms from Ferrol but no succes so far.only a Covas north west of Santiago but that is more than these 26 kms.

I am looking for a place to start around Ferrol where is a camping site.We'll drive our car and caravan to Galicia and walk from there to Santiago.
I found out there are not so many campingsites aroundFerrol but will find a solution .we still have 4 month before we will travel.

We hope to start the camino Inglès mid of May.

Best regards
Covas appears to be about 10 km NNW of Ferrol. The walk around the headland is 26km, not the road directly from Covas to Ferrol.

Tia Valeria

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There are several places called Covas, so try Google maps and Covas + Ferrol, plus Doug's distances to find the correct one. :)
Buen Camino

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