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The big map o the Caminos de Santiago

Camino Madrid anyone?

Having heard of the crowds on CF in summer, I've finally decided to take another route. Part of Via de la Plata (from Caceres) or Camino Levante (From Toledo I think).

But one idea that has started to grow in my mind is to start walking in Madrid already. It would give me less time on buses and more on my feet.
Has anyone of you lot done that? It means crossing la Sierra Guadarrama... :shock: Am I crazy?

Question # 2.
Can you walk at different times (and/or different routes) on the same credencial, or do you need a new one if you come back and did the rest, let's say next year?
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Madrid Camino, I was surfing around something called Mundicamino, which you probably know is a Spanish language Camino website. Anyway I found the route from Madrid to (I think) Astorga. It was 19 days. Then there was some info from some English people who had done it. They seemed very pleased with it, despite the lonely road. Its apparently well marked. First stop outside Madrid is a lovely old roman ruin they said. Well, the route exists. Its marked, but probably no or few refugios. Go for it! PS. Last year I walked from Sevilla to Santiago if you want any info there. Via de la Plata is marvellous. Alisons guide book "Camino Mozarabe" is accurate and good. "The Croc"
Camino(s) past & future
Via Podiensis 2002, Camino Frances 2003, 2004, 2008, 2012, Via de La Plata 2005, 2006. 2013, Camino Ingles 2013, Camino de Madrid 2008, Camino Salvador 2008, Camino del Norte 2010, Camino de Levante 2012,
Camino Mozarabe 2015, Camino Salvador 2015, Camino Primitivo 2015
Madrid Camino again. Forgot to mention that the same credencial can be used successively on the same Camino, as far as I can tell. At Santiago they are seldom interested in more than the last one hundred kilometers.
At refugios they tend to ask a question or two, but a reasonable reply has in my case always been accepted. Buen Camino.


greenshank, I believe forum member Javier Martin, from Madrid, has done it. You may want to contact him. Best, xm 8)
Camino madrid - found some websites.

Thanks Kevin and xm!
I'll contact Javier.

Mundicamino.com has an outline with kms and altitude of all the caminos, including Camino de Madrid, also in English.

There's info in spanish (I used an automatic translator when I didn't understand fully) here. They also have a guidebook for sale, but it's partly outdated. (from 1999)

I also found this

Now I'm going to leave you for a while, will be back next week!
Re: Camino madrid - found some websites.

Hello everybody.

The Camino de Madrid takes about 11-12 days to Sahagún., two days before León. It's very well marked, and I found nobody walking during my Camino till Sahagún. During first 100 km (Segovia) only it's possible to sleep in a convent in Cercedilla, and of course in any hotels. After Segovia there's a lot of good Albergues.

When you cross walking a little town it's important to know that it's possible than bars only open more later than you would like. Sometimes at 12:00, or 13:00. Important to thing about breakfasts and so on.

Very nice the claustro in Santa María la Real de Nieva. It's possible to visit the Coca castle, very interesting. Ask to visit the very nice church in Wamba. The Santiago image into the church in Peñaflor de Hornija. The strange rollo in Villalón de Campos and of course Grajal de Campos and to kilmetres later, La peregrina in Sahagún.

Buen Camino, enjoy it because it's marvellous.

Javier Martín
Madrid, Spain
Re: Camino madrid - found some websites.

Im very sorry, I've forgotten to talk about Segovia. You have to visit the Cathedral, the ancient roman acueduct, the Alcazar, a lot of romanic churches (the old part of the city it's incredible beautiful) and, the last, the "puerta de Santiago" and the templaria "Vera Cruz" church.

Buen Camino,

Javier Martin
Madrid, Spain
Camino de Madrid it is, then!

I will take the opportunity and stay a day extra in Segovia! It sounds very interesting.
I am soooooo excited! :mrgreen:

Javier Martin mentioned the word Rollo. Is it the columns you see on the camino? is the cruciero the cross on top? Can someone explain this to me. Ultreya John
no, those are 2 different things. The 'rollo de justicia' or 'picota' is a column and a symbol of secular power (they were also sometimes used as a gibbet). They were common in Castile, such as the one in Boadilla del Camino. See http://es.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rollo and http://es.wikipedia.org/wiki/Picota
The latter explains why they were sometimes converted into crosses.
See for example
http://www.spaincenter.org/turismo/rollos-picotas.htm or http://es.geocities.com/nuestros_pueblo ... sticia.htm
for some pics.
About this nice Camino de Madrid, I've just received a mail from the hospitalero in Villalón de Campos. Two weeks, just six pilgrims. A very lonely Camino.

Buen Camino,

Javier Martín
Madrid, Spain
Lonely on Camino de Madrid?

Maybe I should rethink the whole thing...

Probably it would be better to do something between the crowds of Camino Frances and the solitude of Camino de Madrid. Via de la Plata?

I had planned to start in Tres Cantos or Colmenar Viejo and try walk to Segovia first of all, and then maybe take a bus to Valladolid or Sahagún. I feel it's a real challenge for me to walk over these mountains, even if there are fewer pilgrims and maybe harder to find shelter.

I'll do some research on Via de la Plata. I could make a combination of the two, and take a bus from Segovia to Salamanca if it feels too lonely...

so, I'll bring a sleeping bag...

I have thought quite a lot about what scares me about doing the "lonely" walk, and that is to be without shelter.
As I can't walk too many miles per day, (I'm thinking 10 - 20 km is quite enough for my knees) I may not be near a hostel or a refuge.
I've been thinking about whether or not to bring a sleeping bag, so I can stay in anywhere where there's a floor or even outdoors. (I'm quite used to camping).
And yesterday my local outdoors shop had an ad with a light weight cheap sleeping bag. So, now I have 800 grams more to carry, but feel a little less anxious about the whole thing. Perhaps I'll leave the binouculars (175 gr), the dictionary (215 gr) and maybe something else at home instead. But the watercolours and drawing pad are necessary! :D
I'm aiming for less than 8 kg + water and some snacks.
Next tuesday I'll be sitting on a plane heading for Madrid!


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