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Camino Portueuese, Coastal route from Porto - Itinerary help

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Camino-Portuguese, starting in Porto, July 31-Aug 20
Hi all!

Thank you in advance for anyones 2 cents.

I get to Porto on Aug 1 at 9:45 AM and leave Santiago at 1PM Aug 20. That gives me about 18 days of trekking. I am hoping to stay in places for under 50 USD/45 Euros per night.

Does anyone have any itinerary advice or an itinerary they would share with me?

Specific questions:
-Where to go to get the camino passport from the airport?
-Where to stay an extra day along the route
-List of places to book in my budget?
-Is it ok to not book in advance and wing it or will there be too many pilgrims in august?
-What will the weather be like?
-Advice for solo female travelers?



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You should definitely spend some time in Porto, and you can get your credential at the cathedral for 2 euros. There are many places within your budget, use gronze.com to help with sorting out your basic route and places to stay, depends on how much you walk each day. If you walk the coastal route you might want to reserve as you will be in tourist season. It will likely be hot. Book ahead for Casa Fernanda between Barcelos and Ponte de Lima ( use search engine on the forum for contact info), otherwise see how it goes. Ponte de Lima is lovely, and Pontevedra might also be a spot to linger for a day. You have lots of time, and will be fine on your own. There is a ton of info on the forum, buen Camino!


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Fall 2016 Camino Frances to Leon
Fall 2017 Camino Frances to Finisterre
May 2019 Portuguese
Hi Kristie,
-Like Auburnfive I say Porto is worth spending an extra day. Do one of the walking tours.
-Casa Fernanda's is lovely "no wifi - you all talk and get to know each other!" She's on the Central Route and not Coastal though. I ended up moving from Coastal to Central to stay at Fernanda's. I met some lovely people there and walked with many of them. Need reservations.
-I used booking.com and booked a day or two ahead for places that were under 45 euro/night
-it will be hot
-I met more solo women travellers this year than my last two Caminos. My advice - even if you don't want a coffee or water at a bar, pay a euro and ask to use their loo. If nature calls enroute, pack out your TP!
-one more piece of advice - wear your sunscreen and hat! Saw lots of people with burns in May!


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Camino-Portuguese, starting in Porto, July 31-Aug 20
Thanks all! If I wait the day before to book the next day is that enough notice to find a place to stay in August? Is porto big? Where do you recommend stayiing in porto? Is there a certain part of town? 2 nights in Porto or 3?

Elle Bieling

Elle Bieling, PilgrimageTraveler
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Inglés, '14 '17 Finisterre, '14 '17 '18 Primitivo, '15 '18 Portuguese, '17, '18 San Salvador, '18
OMG, Porto is loaded with choices of accommodation. We always tend to splurge in the big cities, and just get the best deal when we look on booking.com. There is a municipal albergue in Porto, but it is north of town, along the central route, so i wouldn't advise staying there. Try to find a place close to the cathedral and all the hubbub. You can make up the extra cost, easily, later in the walk, to stay within your budget. SInce you have lots of time, you can stay in the in-between stage albergues, which may be less full.

If you have 18 days, that will be great to take your time. We did it in 12 days, including the walk out of Porto along the river into Matosinhos, instead of taking the metro. This is a sublime walk, along the Douro in the early morning while the city sleeps (see my blog, day 15) and beats the metro hands down! Especially if you have all this time!

Three great towns to spend an extra day in, are Vila do Conde, Viana do Costelo and Baiona. Please read the days, 15, 17 and 20, where I describe these places! BTW, my day-counting starts in Lisbon!

Lots of folks cross over to the central in Caminha, but I quite frankly don't understand why. Vigo may not be very nice (I actually didn't mind the walk on the shelf road just beyond, with gorgeous views of the bay below), but you would miss Oia with it's lovely monastery on the beach and Baiona, a lovely beach town with old churches, castles, and kilometers of walking on the beach itself! (Can you tell I am a beach nut??)

There are also other days where walking on the beach is possible, as well of kilometers and kilometers on boardwalks with old windmills. All so very lovely!

Please see my website's, the Many Ways on the Camino Portugues, from days 15-26 on the Coastal/Senda Litoral to see photos of just how lovely it all is and where you may wish to tarry even more! Plus I give you all the route info and accommodation info that you need!

Then, when you see how lovely the rest of the routes are, you may want to do them all at some future point in time! I have not yet walked the Variante Espiritual, but that is on my list. It only adds a few more days to an itinerary that includes the Coastal, so consider that as well!

As for being a solo female, you will see lots of pilgrims this time of year, so I don't think you have to worry. However, carry a whistle that is within reach at all times, so you can blow it and attract attention if your hackles go up. Also download the Spanish app called "AlertCops" to your cell phone, for instant calling to the Police. It is in English so you don't have to worry about the language barrier!!

Have a blast and happy planning!

Leon Ivan

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August 2018: Portuguese (Porto/Santiago), Santiago -Finisterre / Muxia
I found Airporto Hostel a great place to stay , 10 minutes walk from the airport and next to a metro station.


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Our French hiking friends have stayed at the Garden House Hostal each of the last two years. It is on a very busy walking street around the corner from a stop on Porto's Metro line. So you can cheaply go from the airport right into Porto via the Metro system which combines both below ground (typical subway) and above ground (tram).

My wife and I fly overnight from the U.S. to start our walks and our personal preference is usually to spend a night or two where we land before the start of each Camino. Porto is a fun place with many things to see and do. If you have the time and the inclination, stay a couple of nights.

If you want to splurge on your lodging in Porto, I can furnish other suggestions. Just PM me.


Wanderlusting RN

Wanderlusting RN
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July 2019 Porto to Santiago
Arriving on August 6 and staying in Porto first two nights. Decided to splurge and chose Moon and Sun Hotel. What are must do/see things for first two days prior to walking?

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