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Camino Portugues Coastal in Nov -- how cold, windy, wet?

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We will be traveling the coastal route in Portugual in November. Anyone have thoughts? It is the rainiest month, from what I hear, but how wet? How windy? How cold might it be? I am trying to decide on how much gear is too much or too little. Current plans are hiking umbrella (to be attached to backpack) rain poncho that covers the backpack, some clothing layers (plus lightweight merino beanie and buff) and puffy vest. Do I really need a rain jacket? A windbreaker? Packable puffy jacket? I am less worried about the wet than the wind on the coast. Thanks all!
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I hate to say this but, yes, you need all those things! I walked the Central route from Porto in November 2019 and it rained 12 out of the 14 days I was in Portugal/Spain. I still had a great time, though, so don't let that worry you. The thing is, there's not just one kind of rain. When it's windy and rainy you can't use the umbrella so you'll need a raincoat and rain pants, imo. I had a cheap Frogg Toggs set and they did a good job of keeping me dry on the days it poured down rain ALL DAY! (I left the FT pants in an albergue in Padron after the butt ripped out when I bent down. :oops: Luckly, it rained slightly less after that!) The umbrella was great for days when it wasn't windy and I'm really, really glad I had it. On those days I usually just wore a light windbreaker over a couple of merino layers (tshirt and 1/4 zip). The albergues were cold so I wore my puffy jacket every evening and I often slept in it, along with merino wool long johns (tops and bottoms) under a light weight sleeping bag. Hope that helps. Have fun! Maybe you'll get lucky and have less rain!

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Thanks, very helpful.
I was also walking in Nov 2019 (Hi @CatPhillips !!!!) , and my original plan had been the coastal, BUT: I was forced inland because gale-force winds on the coast meant it was, for all intents and purposes, *closed*. Kind of like hurricane season in Florida and the Carolinas. Things were shut down; the fishing villages closed up shop; cafes and Albergues were not taking people in because it was too dangerous on the coast. I took a train from Santiago back to Salir do Porto and was astonished by how angry the waves were.
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I walked the coastal in November 2017 and it was glorious weather... I walked the central in November 2019 and it rained everyday (but still wonderful)

We were told that November 2019 was exceptional... but these days exceptional seems to be more and more normal.

I hope whatever happens you have a wonderful walk!

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I agree with @LesBrass — the Central in 2019 had exceptional weather (and exceptional seems more and more the rule now)… and it was muddy, and cold, and GORGEOUS and WONDERFUL and I’m so glad I did it.


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I started from Porto in late October 2016 and was persuaded by people in the Albergue to do the inland route as lots of albergues etc were already closed .
Rained every day and the sun shone every day back home in Donegal, Ireland.
BUT I had a great camino and met lots of great people.


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You will definitely need a poncho that covers everything. I would not recommend an umbrella that is attached to your pack. In really high rains it can of course go inside out and break or knock you off your stride. Your poncho will keep you dry. It is also will do a good job of retaining warmth also you will sweat some. If you can take a light down jacket that may be better than a puffy sleeveless one. I would also recommend having some mid-weight long sleeve merino/synthetic/quick dry layer. I have walked in pretty cold wether and have never been uncomfortable. You may be surprised how warm you get even in cold weather. Keep everything as light and quickdry as possible as you carry more gear. Rainpaints are also a necessity for sure. I dont think you will need a windbreaker at all. If it is cold a light down jacket does the trick for that too. Remember if it is really windy (I walked the CF in November and we had gusts up to 60 KKPH for multiple days. Wasn't that cold but it sure wears you out.
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