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Camino Primitivo Photos - May 2009

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Thank you so much for sharing these stunning photographs. The Camino Primitivo does not get too much 'airtime' on the forum - not many of us have done it- and your photos are bound to inspire others to think about doing it.


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Dear Margaret,

Thank you so much for your kind reply.

The Camino Primitivo is a fantastic adventure – peaceful and invigorating!

Walking this route, one encounters a balance of solitude, community and a connection to the ancient - the eternal.

I felt very protected and guided in my journey. My heart was open and I often couldn’t believe the beauty before my eyes.

The Camino took care of everything I really needed. Whenever I was lost or needed aid – direction and help were provided for me.

This experience was truly a blessing.

I am so delighted if my photographs inspire pilgrims to walk this Way.


Staff member
These are beautiful pictures. They brought back many memories, and I have just forwarded the link to two friends who are thinking about walking the Primitivo this summer. I walked in late September, and the amazing thing is, the landscape was just as green in my pictures as it is in your pictures! What a magical walk.
Thanks, Laurie
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Stunning photos, Peregrina09.

They really are quite inspiring. I may just switch from repeating my favorite routes to walking this one.

Glad it was special for you.



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Mediana, Laurie & Lynne,

Thank you all for your lovely observations -

The Primitivo is so beautiful... The mist of Asturias, the sunshine of Galicia and the dearness of my Camino amigos are always in my heart and soul - a magnificent journey!

With my appreciation,


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Hi Peregrina,
I'm planning to walk the C. Primitivo this September...just had a look at your photos and it has me stoked! Thanks for posting them...
Did you use a guidebook? Which one and was it useful? Any suggestions in particular? I'm a veteran Camino walker (Francés, Via de la Plata, Le Puy route) and am looking forward to the Primitivo.
Thanks again,
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2022 Camino Guides
The 2022 Camino guides will be coming out little by little, most of them by the end of 2021. Here is a collection of the ones that are out so far.


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Hi Daniel,

I'm so pleased that you enjoyed the pictures... and that you will be making this journey in September.

I carried the guidebooks from the Confraternity of St. James for the Primitivo - as well as tearing out the pages for the Frances from Melide to Santiago de Compostela. ... in_23.html

I also referred to these online sources: ... _Primitivo

At the time, I was confused leaving Oviedo because of misplaced markers or my own unfamiliarity... but that may have changed by now. In case, I posted this description and map for leaving Oviedo in this Forum:


I walked in 2009 - so it's quite possible that there have been changes since then. I found reviewing all the posts in this Forum to be so helpful in planning my trip. I would look at the updated information from pilgrims who have walked more recently.

Some of my specific recommendations for the Primitivo were:

Bring a shell with you as they are not easy to find in Oviedo

Take care of your knees - The Primitivo includes challenging inclines... ascents and descents at times - use two walking sticks... maybe bring a knee brace in case

One follows the hinge side of the shell leaving Oviedo throughout Asturias. Once in Galicia, the direction of the shell points the other way.

Take your TIME... Though many people ask how fast they can accomplish this walk - don't rush, if you have the ability to do so. Oviedo, Lugo and Santiago de Compostela are beautiful cities worth exploring

I would be happy to answer any specific questions if I may be helpful

Buen Camino! Kristine


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Roncesvalles - Santiago 2009; Portuguese, Ingles, Finesterre and Muxia - 2019.
I am planning on walking the Camino for three months in May, June and July 2014. Do you think I can walk the Primitivo and link up with other routes. I will be turning 70 during that time and will be walking on my own. I will have time to do a few routes at my leisure but will have to plan it very well, especially as I do not want to do more than 20km per day and will then need albergues quite frequently? I walked the French route in 2009 with a friend. Your advice will be appreciated because I will have to talk to people who did the various routes. I loved the French route but found it very busy and full, I would like to try a few routes that are more peaceful.


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Marvelous that you have 3 months to mark this special birthday year!

If you are planning to include the Primitivo in your journey - you have many options...

This map shows some of the routes:

You could walk the Camino Del Norte - then join the Primitivo in Oviedo.... or you could walk any of the many Southern or South-Eastern Routes... for example the Vía de la Plata origniating in Seville - then connect to the Primitivo by taking the Ruta Del Salvado from León (on the Frances) to Oviedo.

Best, Kristine

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