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The big map o the Caminos de Santiago

Camino scrapbbok- how did you store, display, house Camino photos etc

Camino(s) past & future
Future: Aug 2018 Frances
Just wondering what interesting and creative ways you have kept your Camino memories. I'm planning to do this soon and would love to hear your ideas, maybe use them 😁.

Terri B

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Camino(s) past & future
1998 St Cuthberts Way
1999 West Highland Way
2016 Camino Frances SJPDP to Santiago
I kept a blog while I was walking, not long after I got home I was notified that the host was to close and they sent me a download of the contents. I used this to form the basis of a photo book which I then expanded to include more photos and additional text from some firm and Facebook posts I made along the way.
120 pages of 30 x 30.
Camino(s) past & future
Camino Frances, fall of 2015
We opened a Facebook page (The Shalaw Camino - check it out!) but when we got back, I created a photo book for my partner as a Christmas gift, using Shutterfly, a California based company that I always use for vacation pics. It’s a really fabulous way to showcase your pics!! I also did a framed poster for him last year, by a fellow of the name Jay Schwantes (I think that is his last name?!) that shows the Frances route with all of our nightly stops and the stage where we rode bikes across the meseta.
Camino(s) past & future
Future: Aug 2018 Frances
Yeah, I agree! I'm going to print my IG photos and text I wrote out each day. KANVESS prints 3x3 photos, that's the size I want to print, just for the IG photos.
Camino(s) past & future
April / May (2016) CF
I posted daily on FaceBook. It kept my friends up to date on my progress and when I finished I had a nice journal with pictures for each day.


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Camino(s) past & future
Francés SJPP-SdC Sept-Oct 2016
I forced myself to blog every afternoon on the Camino (for friends and an elderly mom). Grew weary of it but stayed disciplined 'til the end. When I got home I so appreciated having that work that had come out of an hour each day. Upon reentry, the process of sorting through it and adding factual annotations was therapeutic. I laid it out nicely and then took it to be copied. It's 60-70 pages, bound in spiral, and cost a bundle but well worth every cent and sweat of labor. Every year in the Fall I turn one page at a time, remembering that day on my Camino. So so special.
Camino(s) past & future
Future (October 2018)
Just wondering what interesting and creative ways you have kept your Camino memories. I'm planning to do this soon and would love to hear your ideas, maybe use them 😁.
Great ideas for photos etc. The 4 of us have pooled our photos using Google. Soon I'll be making a composite photo book for us all. For the wonderful concrete memories: Compestela, credencial, and shell I'll be buying a shadow box to display them for eternity. Pinterest had many to look at.
Camino(s) past & future
Camino Portuguese Central route (June 2018)
Just wondering what interesting and creative ways you have kept your Camino memories. I'm planning to do this soon and would love to hear your ideas, maybe use them 😁.

For those special things I wanted to display without having to dust around, I found a shadow box deep enough that worked. I also have some 4x6 watercolor postcards I bought in Santiago de Compostela from a local artist that I plan on arranging around the shadow box on the wall. Just found the perfect frames this week so still need to put in frames. My son's girlfriend (who came with us) also made us a book of our Camino as a thank-you for having invited her to come along. We so loved our Camino! 1542473891529-1002697272.jpg 15424734622431201700661.jpg 20181117_104344.jpg
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Camino(s) past & future
Frances [08 ]Portuguese [09 ]Le Puy[10] Norte[ 11] Madrid [12] Figeac - Pamplona [13] Mont Saint Michel - Bordeaux / St Palais - Pamplona [14] Moissac -Burgos [15] , Norte to Oviedo and then Primitivo [16]
Le Puy to Moissac and Dax to Santo Domingo
Had plenty and we mean 100's but over the years they have been decreased .
Now in individual A4 document wallets .
Room for wine in cabinets now instead of albums ;)


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Camino(s) past & future
2005 2007 Frances
2016 Leon to Santiago
I did a video presentation (Pinnacle) for my 2016 trip with my adult daughter. And am in the process of doing another, but combining all my France and Spain walks over the last decade. Seems safer out in the cloud for a legacy than in scrapbooks--and allows for narration. I just need to triage enough to tell my story of some 350 nights into a clear 20 minutes.


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Camino(s) past & future
Francés x 5, Le Puy x 2, Arles, Tours, Norte, Madrid, Via de la Plata, Portuguese.
I now use the FindPenguins app while I am walking, and when I get home I order a hard-copy book. I once tried to make my own, but the fiddling and editing was so time-consuming I gave up. The beauty of the current method is that I simply hit the "order a book" button and two weeks later a beautiful book arrives in the mail.

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